OK, Cool.

   For what it is worth I have long ago decided that God is the
AllThatIs.  That includes you and me, and everyone else, and also
the universe that we live in and all other universes etc.

   We have all fallen into the semantic trap of thinking in separations,
There is Big and Mighty God, there is little ole' me, and there is the
big bad universe that I wish God would help me with.  One thus forms
a personal relationship 'with' God to help ourselves deal with life.

   The more wholeistic view is that you and me ARE actual conscious units
that are a part of God experiencing itself, in others and the universe and
that there is thus no one to really pray to, because anyone who would be
there to receive the prayer would be someone inside the whole, part of the
whole, like we are, and not the whole itself. What most people pray to in
the form of God is really a higher Angel in the scheme of things but not
God itself.  If one can conceive it as another being, it isn't God.

   If one starts to look at the whole world AS God looking at itself,
one begins to understand that prayer starts with total confidence
in oneself that if one desires 'as God would', then it must
come true because the total power of the universe is in us, because
it IS us.  One has to realize that one is trying to desire as God would
amongst a zillion other god beings who are presently quite crazy and
desiring as God wouldn't, so it can be hard :)

   In this view there is no 'me and thee' when it comes to ourselves
and God, there is only the High US and the universe we live in
which forms the multieyed being called God.  Remember the
old Aesops fable about Argus, the guy who had 100 eyes all over
his body.  Well the universe is the body of God, and each conscious
unit in it, me and thee, are an eye of God looking back at itself.

    True communion then with God is the effort to get back to the
feeling of wholeness rather than separation, for in separation
all manner of demons and dark false beliefs can plague us and make
us hate each other and see each other as sinners that go to hell
forever etc.  God would not cast any part of himself into hell forever,
for a while perhaps, but not forever.

    The separation we experience from 'God' is an illusion, we can not
actually become separated, we can only perceive ourselves as separated,
once the perception flip flops back into a perception of wholeness, one
realizes that one day ALL people will attain the awakened state and that
most of what passes for religion on this planet at this time is the
ranting of lost God units trying to scare other God units into behaving
themselves, a kind of divine child abuse. :)


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