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>Homer asked, a while ago.

>>     As I have said DEFINE GOODNESS.


>This is not a question. It's a HUGE process.

>You go first, and share results :)

     Goodness starts at the personal level with pleasure and avoidance
of pain.

     It extends to sensitivity to others to maximize the pleasure and
minimize the pain in the world.

     Relative to others, goodness takes pleasure at other's pleasure,
and evil take pleasure at others pain etc.
     Above that we have art, story telling, practical jokes, the
master of jest etc.

     Here pain is created as dischord to enhance the ultimate resolve.

     One can have pleasure without pain, but one can not have RESOLVE
without pain.  Resolve is a special kind of pleasure most akin to
     However a practial joke played on oneself is one thing, and
practical joke played on another without their permission is quite

     Thus incidents do not resolve, do not find the humor, until the
being finds the permission point where he either gave permission, paid
for the privilege of being duped or found out that he did it himself
as an act of self love.

     Take a simple example of a mean practical joke.

     I come up to you one day and I convince you beyond a shadow of a
doubt that your wife and kids are dead.

     Later, a LONG time later, you find out quite by accident that it
was never true.

     OK so now you feel better about them still being alive, but you
still feel rotten about having believed them dead, you don't
appreciate the joke that was played on you.

     Getting to the HUMOR of the incident is necessary to resolve it
so that IT WAS WORTHWHILE, rather than a waste of time.
     One can learn lessons from nasty jokes, mostly to make sure they
never happen again, but this does not make the joke worthwhile,
appreciation for the joke is still lacking.  Only finding the humor
and willingness to have had it happen in the first place, makes the
joke worthwhile.  One can even become willing to NOT learn the lessons
(which sink one anyhow with persisting wisdom) because one becomes
willing to have it happen again.

     This is true resolution.

     So there is the impulse to goodness (Class), and the impulse to
practical jokes (Majesty).  The first is what human's call goodness.
The second is the goodness of God.

     The Jokes are only worthwhile because God plays them on himself
with full permission.
     For God to create a physical universe and then create a small
animal creature against its will, that has to kill to surive, and
place that creature in the physical universe to survive or die, only
to die in the end anyhow, would be an act of exceptional evil cruelty.

being by God for having been created as such a thing.
     It only becomes a Masterful Practical Joke because God did it to
himself.  This can resolve.

     But as a human, no human would do this to themselves.

     So the God aspect is a dicom to the Human aspect of a being.

     The God aspect creates himself as a human that would never do
such a thing to himself, so the human seeks to be come God to protect
himself from all the hurt he finds himself in.  This of course is a
trap of non resolution.  For the God he seeks to become would never
recreate himself back as a human again.

     The human thinks of God as a super human, not as an Imp Soul.
     The human wants a FATHER as a God, and to become such himself, a
protector of all who have been done wrong.

     But the real God is not a super human, but a pre human.

     Not a protector of humans at all, but a purveyor of disaster and
danger, of both sides of every dicom there is.

     Thus one can only become that God by finding the motive and
beauty and humor to becoming human in a game you can't win, in the
first place.

     By human of course I don't mean 'in a body' although that is
included, I mean that which is creature, that which is fragile,
physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

     Fragile means able to be hurt, caused to suffer, or damaged,
whether these be illusions or not.
     The unfragile creator creates itself as fragile creature, and the
fragile creature comprehends it not, until it gets the joke, and it
self becomes the creator of itself as fragility incarnate again.
     THEN the being is the unfragile God again.

     The only way to BE God is to BE God creating itself as the