>>I don't know what UCP is.

     Universal Clearing Process
     Its actually pretty simple.

     Doing = Knowing + Wanting.

     You take what you know about your own abilities, and where you
are, add into that what you want and where you could be, and from that
you compute what to do.

     Much of what you know comes from where you have been, so between
where you are, where you want to be, and where you have been, you can
get a pretty good process going.

     Rote approaches to the process suck rocks, but underlying most
spot and poofing lies,

    "Where am I?"
    "Where could I be that I want to be?"
    "Where have I been?"

     By 'where' we don't me only your literal space/time location, we
mean it in the broadest possible meaning, the total gestalt of how
things are for you in the Cosmic All.

     Once one's mind gets to a certain state, the round robin on those
questions become almost automatic and there is a calmness to it.  The
being is no longer 'auditing', he's just operating.

     It's when he CAN'T answer the questions that the process fails,
and does not resolve by further running the questions on not being
able to run the questions.

     "Where are you?  I don't know?"
     "Where could you be?  I don't know!"
     "Where have you been?  Didn't know that either!"

     You see that won't run.

     Such a case needs to study the whole question/answer mechanism of
the mind and how it is and has been in service to his desire to survive,
start, change, stop, etc.
     Starting something is actually change.  So is stopping something.
So really its all change, the common denominator to existence in time is
seeking to change, whether they are cycles of start, change or stop.
     Survival in time is constant change.  People try to survive by not
changing, they remember the BEINGNESS of native state, but it doesn't
work in time which is constant BECOMINGNESS.
     Hubbard said the answer to the question is the question itself, but
few understood that.

     For example take a native state being who can do nothing but
survive because he is above time and has not identified or become
attached to any space/time temporal life form like a body.

     Now he can take interest in forms, and even take sides, and play
the game of defence/offence in the service of this form, to help IT
survive.  But his own survival is not in question.  And frankly he is
playing to play, not to win or lose, he doesn't give a damn about
winning or losing, he just wants to dance the dance, do the moves.

     But say one day something happens, and he ASKS

     "Hey how come I am not surviving so well anymore around here!"

     You see the question pre postulates that he isn't surviving!

     A postulate is any thought about how things are that CAUSES
things to be that way.

     So to the degree that he asks the question, he commits to the pre
postulate and so starts to not survive!

     So the answer to the question "Why am I not surviving?" is "Because
you are asking "Why am I not surviving?"."

     The question is the answer.

     Now you might think that is silly, he was already not surviving
before he asked the question "Why am I not surviving?"

     But its not usually that way.

     A God Postulate is that postulate the being THINKS is true because
he has OBSERVED it to be true, when in fact it is really true only
because he thinks it is true.

     It is called a God Postulate, because once the being can spot it,
he can change his mind about it and thus end the condition he has been
suffering from NO MATTER HOW BIG.
     He has observed that the condition is true only after it became
true by first postulating that it was, and then reversed the order of
cause and effect and claimed he believes it is true because he has
observed it to be true.

     Thus something happens one day, and he postulates he is not
surviving very well, which isn't at all true, but then BECAUSE HE HAS
observes he isn't surviving very well, and so then he becomes convinced
he knows he isn't surviving very well because he observed it to be true.
This little bit if chicanery puts him later on the chain because the
truth is he postulated he isn't surviving BEFORE he observed it to be


     A God QUESTION then is that question that follows the God Postulate
and commits to its truth by efforts to solve it.

     Every time he asks the question, it re postulates that the
condition which the question is about is true!  You can't get rid of
something you claim you aren't creating in the first place!

     Its one thing to simply cease the creation through as-isness and
total responsibility for creation, quite another to say you didn't make
it but now have to get rid of it!

     Each and every engram, secondary or lock has a God Postulate at its
center, followed by a God Question that keeps the postulate in force and
the engram, secondary or lock in restimulation.
     That is the sum totality of it.

     An engram is a moment of physical injury due to too much or too
little of something, usually force.  You break a leg, starve to death

     A secondary is a moment of loss caused either by being separated
from those you love or by being forced to be around those you detest.
Secondaries can also be caused when those you love turn against you.
     Death, departure and reversal are the basic secondaries.

     They all add up to *SEPARATION* which is an illusion.

     Moments of loss are called secondaries because although they don't
contain physical injury or force in themselves, they often carry a
'whallop' that comes from the restimulation, replay, of earlier moments
of physical pain or injury inluding prenatal engrams and injuries off
the whole track prior to this life.

     At the center of any engram or secondary will be God Postulates
galore followed by their God Questions.

     A lock is any moment that reminds you of a secondary or engram, and
causes you to feel again something of what you felt during the original
incidents, and of course reminds you of the questions that were created.

     Since the mind is the agent in charge of asking questions and
getting answers, the mind keeps the bank in restimulation forever to the
degree that it continues to ask God Questions without as-ising them.

     One as-ises a God Question by recognizing that the question is the
answer to its own condition, and that any further seeking of answers to
the question is an alter-is of the truth resulting in further
persistence of the conditoin under question.
     Exteriorization from the body can only take place with
exteriorization from the MIND that one is using to guarantee the body's

     As long as one is attached to the body's survival on a must happen
basis, one is attached to the body!

     The mind is used to compute questions and answers.  Each question
re-postulates a limitation, I have to do this to get that etc.

     The native state being creates things in the very conception of the
desire for them, desire is sovereign.  The body has to work for it.

     Thus getting into the game of 'working for it', attaches one to the
mind that does the question/answer cycle, and thus to the body that
benefits from it and in whose service the question/answer cycle is
enslaved to.

     Since the answer to any God question is the question itself,
engaging in the question/answer cycle in the service of desire is
actually engaging in endless Q&A.

     Q&A is a Scientology term that essentially means to get off the

     You ask your preclear "Tell me about Mama."

     "Well she hated babies."

     "Tell me about babies."

     "Well they are fat and ugly."

     "Tell me about being fat and ugly."

     You see?  Whatever happened to tell me about Mama?  The preclear
barely touched the subject and now you are off on a whole mess of other
subjects.  Each time you touch a subject without 'flattening' it,
getting all the charge off, you merely leave it in restimulation and
make the preclear worse.

     If you have the question, you already have the answer, why are you
overruning it by looking for another answer!  That's the definition of

     Since survival or change demands time, time is continued by the
endless quest for survival and change via the Q&A of the mind seeking
survival and change.

     A timeless being as-ises questions in the making of them, and seeks
not the survival of anything because it HAS the survival of everything
it wants.

     But the survival of the timeless being is not the survival of the
temporal being which involves change.

     The temporal being survives by changing through time itself, and by
changing its present state into a future state of sow and reap cycles.
Should a temporal being start to seek no change, it will die shortly and
thus change anyhow.  Once you sow, you HAVE to reap, once you reap, you
HAVE to sow, lest you die, so change is constant in the survival of the
temporal being.

     But the timeless being is not BECOMING, he is just BEING, so there
is no change to his survival.  It is in fact quite immutable and
satisfactory, forever for free as Adore would say.

     The being maintains the timeless BEINGNESS by as-ising questions as
they arise rather than by seeking answers to them.  Time is created by
the alter-isness of the question into a seeking for the answer.  That's
an alter-is because the question IS the answer and all further seeking
is a waste of time.

     Question ----> time -----> Answer

     All aberration is waiting for an answer to a question - LRH, When
in Doubt Communicate.

     All time is a waste of time!

     Except it is fun and it does have a purpose.
     Basically a native state being is in a state of perfect havingness.

     When he falls from perfect havingness then he has to ask "why?" and
start to fix it.  Then he is in time seeking to fix a lackingness now by
seeking a better future survival, you see?

     That's Q&A.
     So the mind is constantly taking native state perfections and
reducing them to non havingnesses, desires, and then trying to make up
for the lack now by getting them in the future.

     The goal then in clearing is not to answer questions, but to spot
and poof questions to run them out.

     Each question posits a limitation.  The 'seeking to find' or 'to
look for' the answer to these questions commits to those limitations,
thus solidifying them like a rock.

     Running the goals 'To Find' or "To Look for" can be beneficial, but
the WHAT that is being sought is the answer to questions.

     As each question is spotted, and the limitation noted, the being
comes to see how the question commits to the pre postulate of
limitation, and how the pre postulate of the limitation CAUSES the
limitation and how his after the fact observation of the limitation is
     Thus each limitation is in turn erased resulting in an ability
     The E/P of eternity is 'no need to do anything'.
     It's not worth doing if its not done from eternity anyhow :)
     The primary doing of course is question asking, in eternity
questions don't last long enough to answer!