UCP stands for Universal Clearing Process and contains
three commands:

     Where are you?
     Where have you been?
     Where might/could you be?

     The word 'where' is taken to mean 'what state', not just
location in space.

     One is also requested to compare the answers to each
question with each other.

     The second command depends on memory working to some extent
without going more solid.

>>     Mostly his stuff seems to be good on paper, but when it comes
>> to actual practice only works well on some, and not at all on others,
>> and the one's it works on seem to be for the birds.

Rogers (The_Bindu@msn.com) wrote:
>Well, application is 50 percent of the tech, right?

>I had the awful thought the other day, (oh, I've had this quite a few times
>since I began to review the Briefing Course materials) that I'm not sure I
>as a pc was EVER gotten "into session."  I mostly remember a wooden auditor
>I had, oh, worse than wood, he always seemed to look miserable in session,
>like he resented being there at all.

     Well frankly I had a wooden auditor, wooden C/S and wooden Messiah.

     So yeah, I can see it.

     The basic error as I see it was

    1.) Not allowing auditing of other beings (NOTS)
    2.) Chasing after answers to questions, rather than running
out the questions.
    3.) Not running NO and SOME on all items.
    4.) Not looking for and running ANDS
    5.) Auditing past 'actions' rather than future intent.
>TRs during the sixties.  Even though the hard TR nonsense was over by the
>time I was on the Briefing Course in 1976, the bulk of the TRs done on the
>course were... errrrh...non-optimum.  It worked out only because the course
>took six months or more, and daily TRs over that amount of time is going to
>have some effect.  But boy, where were the supervisors?  Too busy cranking
>out points for their statistics?  (bitter comment, huh?)

     I long ago saw that there was no chance it was ever going to work
for me in the Church.  This is not a matter of blaming them, it could
not have ever been any other way.  God himself can not make a being go
from rock to god over night.

     Auditing as presented in the church worked very well on some,
whether it produced a real OT, or just a well and happy human being, I
don't know.  I was never completely impressed except by the meter and my
own solo.

     As for me, the church didn't work at all, me and my case went up
the bridge together.  I got 10 times more powerful, and the forces in my
face got 11 times more powerful.

     I lost all my assets in my faith, and finallly had to turn to doing
it alone.  Those were miserable years.  Even with finding the freezone,
I went through the same emotional curve with each new auditor or C/S,
hope to eye ball rolling hopelessness.  
     In the end they were doing the same old same old, asking questions,
looking for answers, even though they saw their question set as

     To the degree that I got worse and worse and worse, I had to admit
that I was doing something wrong, that wrong indications were the cause.
That one item at least I took from Hubbard, and also the idea that in
the end we are totally responsible for our condition.

     So I had to throw out Hubbard on his own recommendation, kept the
meter though, love the meter, and am now where I am, where I can at
least be extroverted into the forces which are now loose and big and
dangerous rather than all wrapped up in a tight ball of 'nothing there'
wondering why I can't breath.

     By the way I know you don't like UCP, but KP is quite right, where
have you been, where are you, and where might you be, does parallel the
mind, although he left out WHY am I ...

     *HE* misses that the mind is the problem, not the solution.

     He still thinks becoming in time is actuality rather that mere
reality to a person, that perceptions of space and time indicate the
existence of space and time, that illusions of truth are the same as

     Thus running UCP endlessly will stick a person deeper and deeper
into space and time and becoming, until at least he cognites that is
what he is doing by seeking answers, and starts to run the QUESTIONS
out, rather than use them to find answers.

     Trying to answer a question puts time distance between the question
and finding the answer.

     All answers exist at source, so seeking answers to questions
is silly.

     One thus runs out the QUESTIONS, one doesn't run the questions
looking for endless answers or even THE answer.


     "Where are you?"        "Here asking where am I?
     "Where have you been?"  "There asking where am I?"
     "Where could you be"    "No more question asking."

     End of UCP.


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