An ARCX is an ARC Break, which is a sudden or slow, short or long
term, sundering of Affinity, Reality (willingness to agree) and
Communication between a being and another being, or beings, or the
universe as a whole.

ACW ( wrote:
>In the presence of major ARCX's the meter does not even read, so then
>what do you do?

     ARCX's are caused by wrong indications.

     To indicate means to indicate the answer to a question.

     To bypass an item means to have it, to nail it on the head, and
then pass right on by it, still looking for the right item.

     To miss an item means to come close to getting it, but not get it,
and then go on looking for the item elsewhere further afield.

     When the pc has created a question that is its own answer, he
already has the answer to the question.

     ANY other answer then would be a wrong indication, both missing and
bypassing the correct answer, which is the question itself.

     Even LOOKING for an answer prepostulates he doesn't have it yet,
and so the effort to find starts with a crashing ARCX out of the gate.

     Not all questions are self answering.

     Take "How many apples are in the basket?"

     The person can have the question and start looking for the answer
(since he doesn't know the answer yet) without developing an ARCX.

     Then if he looks in the basket and sees 4, he can be happy with the
answer.  But if someone forces on him that there are 5 when there are 4,
he will ARCX.

     So the wrong answer creates an ARCX.

     But the SEEKING of the answer did not produce an ARCX *UNTIL* he
found an answer and it was wrong.
     But what happens when the being has a question that is its own

     Let's take the simplest one, and one that is not particularly

     "What question am I asking?"

     You see, the answer is "What question am I asking?"!

     So that is an example of a self answering question, a question
whose answer IS the question.

     Now lets say the pc has created a real whopper of a self answering
question, and throws his whole beingness into answering it.

     Believe it or not that's because questions ABOUT problems and their
'solutions, are usually more of a problem themselves than they are

     The primary question ABOUT problems is 'What should I *DO* about

     Doing in this case is meant the effort to solve a problematic
creation by creating something MORE as a solution.

     Not only can this be wrong headed for spiritual problems, but the
asking the question itself will stir up enough bank to kill the Russian
     Spiritual Problems apparently don't need solutions, they need to be
     That's because problems usually PRE POSTULATE the very conditions
that are demanding 'solutions', so the preclear needs to spot the pre
postulate more than he needs to create or find a solution he doesn't
already have, namely the exact prepostulated creations is worrying
himself with.

     This doesn't work so well at MEST levels of reality because MEST
level problems are buried under so many prior spiritual level problems
they won't blow on inspection without taking the problem chain all the
way back to the top.

     But for higher level, and thus prior and earlier' problems,
spotting the prepostulations works like wild fire.

     The preclear who has bypassed or missed his own immediate causality
in the existence of the problem, already has the answer but doesn't know
it, so the very effort to start looking for the answer bypasses and
misses the correct answer, and thus *PROMISES TO FIND ONLY AN INCORRECT
ANSWER* and so creates an immediate ARCX of magnitude.

     A being can utterly crash himself with this.
     He doesn't have to wait until he gets a WRONG answer, because ANY
ANSWER is a wrong answer even before he finds any answer, as he already
HAS the answer, the question itself, and its causal prepostulates.

     And the more and more he tries to find an answer that isn't the
question and its prepostulates itself, the more doomed he feels, so he
becomes just SURE that once he does find the 'correct' answer down the
road aways he will die of the truth.

     That makes his terrified of finding the truth, so his search
becomes half hearted and self opposed.

     He 'wants to know' AND 'he doesn't want to know.'

     So in the first case you have a question that has an answer other
than itself, and the being is very happy seeking that answer, it
produces a fun game, and there is no ARCX until, and when he finds a
WRONG answer.

     But in the second case, the being already has the answer, so the
very effort to seek the answer invalidates the correct answer, "I am
creating this with prepostulates that work." which creates a wrong
indication EVEN THOUGH NO ANSWER HAS YET BEEN FOUND, and immediately
ARCX's the being as long as he continues to seek the answer to the
question "What should I DO about this problem?" all of which causes the
problem to persist until after doomsday.

     This ruins his "get up and go", because "get up and go" IS seeking
the answer to the question!
     Now here is another new thought.

     Whenever you find a being who is afraid to find out the answer to a
question, this is because the question is self answering and he already
has the answer!

     He is afraid to find out the answer, because he knows down deep
that ANY answer he might find would create a terrible ARC break that
will cause him to melt down, explode or go splat all over native state!

     Why?  Because ANY answer would be a WRONG answer!
     When a being starts to seek answers to self answering questions,
they crash and burn into an OT slump, a super glum area, where they just
can't get themselves to get up and go any more.  This is because they
feel they are doomed by any possible answer they could come up with to
that question.

     The ONLY solution to this ARCX and fear of finding out is for the
pc to realize that the question that is bothering him is a self
answering question, that he already has the answer to it, and thus of
course any OTHER answer he might find would be a wrong indication enough
to ruin him.

     This will cease the seeking of wrong indications, and rehabilitate
his 'get up and go'.
     At that point he will find enormous relief, he will stop asking the
question, cease looking for answers to it, and be quite content to get
up and go again.

     The basic ruin on any case is the failure to answer a self
answering question.

     The game then as an auditor is to get the preclear to spot the
problem (he has no idea), and then spot the package of self creating
prepostulation that is keeping it in place.

     These prepostulations are called God Postulates because only a God
could or would involve himself with them, and further the preclear
thinks the postulates are TRUE because he has OBSERVED them to be true,
which in fact they are true only because he has postulated they are, and
observed them second.

     Simply being with the postulate AS A CAUSAL POSTULATE and not an
observed event will cause the postulate to come apart and the condition
it is creating to slowly vanish.

     He just has to change his mind upon spotting the postulate that the
postulate is cause of the condition, and not an observed result of him
running into the condition.
     He causes the condition, that's being cause, then he runs into it
and asks (question) "Where did THAT come from?" That's being an effect.

     Thus this ability and its operation is called the
Consideration/Observation flipflop.
     The flip is from cause to effect, and he needs to flip it back.

     He flips it back by practicing flipping it forwards from causal
consideration to 'proven' observation, until he facile with this
majestic prank upon himself.

     The effect comes AFTER the cause in time, so by paying attention to
the effect he is too late in time to as-is the condition which is
immediately prior.

     The causal prepostulates to any unwanted persisting condition are
the original moment of creation, where an as-isness can occur.

     Fighting with the effect created is a moment after the original
moment of creation, thus he thinks 'I must create a solution to this
problem', and nothing will ever as-is from that viewpoint.


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