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>>>Even if you find that the item "isn't questions," which is correct
>>>because obviously something or someone came before a question.

>>      The question came second and postceeds a postulate.
>>      The question is what keeps the postulate going.

>So what precedes the question?

      Something of the form "I am here".

      The questions then are "What am I doing here?", "What should I do
about being here?", "How do I get out of here?" etc.

      Just generally speaking.

      One can not find the prime series of questions by listing and
nulling for them, for that is just more question asking.  One can not
find a GPM if one is dramatizing it while looking for it!

      One can however spot each question that arises, and rather than
running with it looking for an answer, run IT instead.

      First notice if the question could be self answering.

     "Why am I here?"

      Well perhaps the being found himself in a here one day and rather
than just letting it go where it would as-is, he got into question
asking about it, like "Why am I here?" That was enough to get the here
to persist and so trillenia later he is still here.

      "Why is here persisting?" is a good one.

      Then run out all the efforts and answers that were found or
assigned to the question, they are all wrong anyhow.

      Then run out the fear of finding out the answer and the counter
efforts to finding the answer, and the doubt and indecision about
finding the answer, and the ridges of mass and force that were
produced during these indecisions.

      When a being is seeking an answer to a self answering question,
all answers are wrong, thus all answers are ARCX's of nightmare
proportion.  Thus the more the being seeks them, the more he dreads
finding them.  No amount of effort or confront can overcome this, the
energy of the thetan is being turned back against him by the wrong
indication that there IS an answer other than the question itself.
Thus any thetan will lose to this activity every time, and eventually
go into apathy and resignation and oblivion about it.

      Then run out the effect on one's dynamics of all this.

      Then watch the question vanish like a cloud in the sky.

      Then live life until the next question arises and do the same.

      The next question will bubble up out of the oblivion if the
prior question is run completely out.

      Keep a record of all such questions, as a final acknowledgement
that the question has been run.

      With each question, also spot the prior postulate that the
question is about and which the question may be continuing.

      Postulates and Questions come in pairs.

      Questions maintain the persistence of the postulate and are
the outward manifestation of the postulate.  Thus the questions,
once spotted are the window back to the preceeding postulate that
they continue.

      Look for the questions to find the prior postulates.

      As-is the postulates to resolve the question.


>- CBW

Mon May  2 22:20:16 EDT 2016