People have God pictured wrong.

     People see space and time, therefore they believe there IS space
and time.

     If you were to remove all of space and time, you would have removed
no part of God because there is no space and time to remove.  and anyhow
if God made space and time, God couldn't be made of space and time

     People think God is over there at point A, and created the world
over here at point B and then created all these souls over there at
point C, and stuck them all in the world at point B.

     Thus we often look up into the sky to see God.

     Over there somewhere.

     Some of us are taught that God is every where, but still we believe
that God overlays the world and its souls, but remains fundamentally
different from that world and its souls.

     And thus we push the party line that 'God is not me.'

     All these views posit the error of separation.  They imply that God
exists, and then he CREATES something that is not God, be it space/time,
worlds, or souls.

     This also violates the fundamental philosophical principle that
something can not come from nothing.

     If you want to see GOD, look around you, everything you see is GOD
in manifestation and you ARE that God who is manifesting.

     Some will say that God didn't create the world or souls from
nothing but from parts of himself.

     Like you have a big bucket of sand, which is God, and you take a
hand full of sand out of the big bucket and pour it into a small bucket
next to it, and that's a soul.

     Or the soul is like a drop of water separated out from the cosmic
ocean of God and once returned becomes one with God again.

     God is not pointilistic, nor divisible, nor made of separable parts
with something else between them, there is no space or time in God in
which to be divisible.

     Thus God can not even take a part of himself and separate it off
and create something else from it.

     Uh oh, so what then?

     What we come down to here is since God is not divisible, and God
can not create something from nothing, basically God can not create
anything all.

     Thus in some sense whatever exists now, must have always existed.

     What God can do however is change Himself.

     Take a simple black and white LCD screen (Liquid Crystal Display).

     It is a square surface made of millions of little crystals.

     When the crystals are oriented one way, they are transparent, they
allow light to pass through unencumbered, so visually there is 'nothing
there', the screen is blank.

     When the crystals are oriented another way, they absorb incoming
light, creating a black spot, now there is 'something there'.

     The crystal's orientation is changed by electric voltages applied
to each point on the surface of the LCD screen.  Where there is no
voltage, the crystals lay at peace, native state, and light is passed
through unencumbered.  There is nothing there.  This is untainted
beingness, the void, simple IS.

     When voltage is applied to a spot on the LCD screen, the crystals
reorient to non native state, and light is blocked, now something is
displayed.  This is becomingness, change, motion, space/time etc, the

     If the position of the voltage is changed across the screen, the
position that is black on the screen will also move to track the
voltage.  But nothing actual is moving, only the position of projection
is changing.

     The reality is that something actual is moving.

     The actuality is that nothing is moving, except the projected
position of reality.

     Reality is what we think is true.

     Actuality is what is true.

     God is a color LCD screen which when 'lit' can display
multidimensional space/times and color forms.

     When a section of God is in native state, it displays nothing.

     When a section of God is not in native state, it displays a
space/time color form.

     There are a couple of differences between the nature of God and a
physical LCD screen.

     First there is no external light to light the screen when it
displays.  The display is our conscious experience and is self luminous.

     That's a big deal but we are not going to go into it here.

     In a dream the sun does not light the grass, both sun and grass
light themselves, just so in the waking dream of every day life.

     The AllThatIs glows in the dark!

     Including the sun itself, its just another glow in the dark object
pretending to light other things.
     Second, an earthly LCD screen has dimensions because it is a
physical object but the display screen called God doesn't have any
dimensions at all.

     God is scalar and is the All That Is.

     God is however capable of displaying illusions of multi dimensional
color forms of space/time within HIMSELF, within His own substrate.

     The objects are not illusions but their dimensionality is.

     One can ask how can something that doesn't itself have dimension
display images of dimension, and how can an image of dimension not
itself have dimension?

     The answer can not be written, only experienced.

     But such a thing is called a SCALAR meaning zero dimensions.

     God is not a point, a point is a dimensional object with small or
zero extensions in each dimension.

     The whole concept of dimension including big and small, doesn't
apply to God at all, only to images of illusory dimension displayed in
the fabric of God.

     God is also a multi I-AM being.

     There is no senior I-AM being that then creates all the others,
each arises of its own sovereignty, in its own time, independently out
of the fabric of God.

     Each I-AM doesn't separate out from God, it merely turns on
and displays itself.

     Displays of self conscious and self luminous space/time color forms
also arise out of their own sovereignty and independently out of the
same fabric.

     God is infinitely alive with I-AM beings waking and snoozing, and
displays coming and going.

     When one of these I-AM beings sees a space/time display that it
likes it can then in pretense to itself BECOME an item in the display
thus hiding from itself the true relationships between the I-AM being
and the space/time displays twinkling in the substrate of God.

     The I-AM being now thinks it is a chunk of space/time color form
called a body say.

     The purpose of joining a display is to engage in fun, thrill and
fear which is not actual, to engage in "apparencies are actuality".

     The apparency of course are space/time displays of dimensional
parts and pieces, that can be put together and busted apart.

     Danger arises from becoming a piece that can be busted apart.

     The being thinks the danger is real while engaged in the display,
but finds out in the end it never was, that it was just a display.

     This is the joke, the purpose is resolving fear into humor, and the
return of peace.

     You will be so happy to get home again, you will be glad you left.

     In mortal dreamtime, one cries oneself to sleep.

     In native state, one laughs oneself to sleep.


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