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>>     Karma
>>     "Immortals who dislike Mortals have some karma to face.
>>     Namely Mortals who dislike Immortals are despicable.
>>     Karma is present time involvement with hidden shames of the past.
>>     Shame is a waste of time.
>>     So is karma."
>>     From Adore.

>Is this what you 'dreamballs' call 'covert hostility'?

>The second statement is unrelated to the first. If Immortals who 
>dislike mortals face 'karma' (a concept I suspect adore fails to 
>comprehend) why are 'mortals' who dislike 'immortals' 

     Adore has its own very well delineated concept of karma which it
understands quite well thank you.

     It may however be very different from yours.

>I would suspect that 'self-proclaimed' IMMORTALS would be 
>general resentment magnets.


>Why would those 'immortals' dislike mortals though?

     Because most immortals at the beginning of their dark night of
the soul, have no idea why they are embedded with mortals, and are
utterly incapable of taking responsibility not only for that fact but
for having been a mortal themselves once.

>Karma is *not* 'present time involvement with hidden shames of 
>the past'. Period.

     This is a definitional problem.  Karma is whatever we define it
to be.  Adore's definition is rather lengthy and detailed, and the
above sentences make complete sense within the definition laid out by

     Whether Adore's definition of karma is useful or pertains
to anything actual is a different matter.
     Basically justice is that you get what you postulate.

     Justice reigns at all times.

     Karma is reaping the results of what you have postulated and sub
postulated and prepostulated.
>It's involvement with MEST at any level.

     OK, that's an arbitrary to me, one's could have karmic
involvement with MEST or one could just be breezing through.

>>     This is about all Adore has to say about meatballs.  Although
>> I do rib meatballs a lot, its actually bullbaiting more than
>> anything else.

>What's a meatball superman?

     A meatball is a dreamball who is not yet lucid.  They believe the
dream to be actual when in fact it is merely real (to them).

     They see space and time and so they believe there IS space and
time, they feel they are moving, so they believe they ARE moving.

    Like any dream one can

    1.) Not know it is a dream (meatball)
    2.) Be lucid in the dream, know it is a dream but are unable
to wake up (dreamball)
    3.) No longer dreaming, Big Snooze of native state. (OT)
>Is rejection of 'The Tech' de facto evidence of meatballdom?

     What tech?

     Rejection of clearing tech in general is evidence of retardation.
>Despite the 'tech's' claims, I am well aware of thousands of 
>'beings' who reject Scientology categorically, but are 

     I am sure that what they reject is probably worthy of their
rejection, but what they THINK is 'the tech' is almost assuredly not
real tech.

     I am not a Scientologists (TM), I have very little to do with
Hubbardian Orthodoxy, which I to some degree rejected long ago.

     I and Adore do believe that people are the results of their own
postulates, and that clearing is the process of finding and erasing or
adjusting those postulates.

     Anyone who disagrees with that is disagreeing that he is
responsible for his own condition.

     Yes meatballs think they aren't 100 percent responsible for their
own condition, but a dreamball could consider the same things.

     So belief in the salvation efficacy of truth is really not
related to being a dreamball or meatball.  However meatballs have no
hope of salvation, as they are made of meat and will die one day

     Lots of people by the way think they will survive the body's
death, but then they can't believe they are made of meat can they?  So
they are closet dreamballs.

>>     Incipient Carrion dwellers are very special to me, since I used to be
>> one myself until my visioning when I was 21.

>Are Dreamballs blind to their meat? Then why do they talk so 
>much about health-food and high colonics?

     The dream works.  It is a virtual machine, accurate down to the
last quark.  It is nonetheless a dream, a dimensional hallucination in
the non dimensional fabric of the AllTHatIs, God.

     Once the God unit wakes up, poof, the dream vanishes.

     Food, vitamins, exercise are all necessary for a healthy body in
the virtual dream.  Just like any arcade game you have to follow the
rules in order to win.

     The dreamball however admits he and others are the writer of the
arcade game, and can leave the game at will or should be able to (few
actually can yet, too much shock on the case still).

>>     What the above says is that some Mortals take great exception to
>> Immortals.  Immortals who find themselves beset by Mortals trying
>> to destroy or harm them thus need to study their own past lives when
>> they were Mortals too and did the same thing to other Immortals.

>As an 'immortal', I take great exception to *other* immortals 
>who smugly congratulate themselves on their elite status and 
>resort to blather to 'make wrong' anyone who laughs at them.

     It is ok to admit one is immortal, it is ok to be glad that one
is immortal, it is ok to proclaim to the world that we are all
immortal and let darkness vanish now.
>>     Remember Adore considers everyone is actually Immortal, but some think
>> they are Mortal, these are the 'Mortals'.  They aren't really Mortal.
>>     But since they are Immortal but think they are Mortal, they have
>> eschewed their Immortality, and thus Adore draws the inference, that they
>> eschew Immortality or awareness of such in others also.

>Ah.. here we have it. Failure to 'recognize' Adore is evidence 
>of 'mortality'. Something pretty despicable!

     You are at this point fighting straw men of your own creation.

     The issue of mortality or immortality will last forever, Adore is
but dust in the wind.

     There is only one Adorian, me, and when I am gone, Adore will be
gone.  The salient truths Adore spoke of however will last forever
whether or not anyone even knows about Adore.
>>     This makes such Mortals suppressive as they will try stop anyone
>> from getting involved in spiritual inquiry.

>No... we just consider you full of yourself. Something not 
>uncommon in this vail of tears and TV

     Wow.  Well consider as you might, I am just calling things as I
see them.

>Why can't 'immortals' by *your* definition get by without 
>'making wrong' of mortals?

     Because they have not yet been able to find full responsibility
for having been mortals themselves and their presence in a world of
non lucid dreamers.

     They are still in shock and fear about how it all happened.

     They know they are immortal, but they can't remember how they got
here, or even where they are, or where they are going.

     They have lost the fear of death forever, but it has been
replaced by the fear of hell forever.

     Until they really wake up, they fail to see the humor of their

     The meatballs who like to crucify dreamballs make it harder on
the dreamballs, so usually the dreamballs keep quiet.
>Because you're full of *it* and yourselves

>You can't get your parking validated if you don't have a car

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