>"Homer Wilson Smith"  wrote in message
>>     Men build civilizations so women can sit back and bitch
>> about it.

>A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.

     Yes because men help women live, and women want to die.

     You are well on your way to becoming a butch dyke in your next

     I once went out with a girl who thought men were expendable.  I
can't describe the feeling of falling into a black hole and pouring my
love into a trash can.

     Every day I would fill up the trash can with my love, and every
morning it would be empty.  I thought it needed more.

     I finally saw through it, and ended a 10 million year depression
with the cognition that got me out of that black hole.

     Women criticize what they are jealous of.

     Men born of such women spend their lives attempting matricide
through atomic war.

     "Women should be fed to the snakes that advise them, and Men, if
they are accused of a crime by a women that they did not commit, get
to commit it for free.  Shows women the difference." - Adore.

     If men were to go on strike and let women do it all, the planet
would revert to a dark age in about 3 months.  Even Ayn Rand knew
this, probably the only female on a planet who didn't use her tits for a