psychic warrior (Cant_Touch_this) wrote:
>>    Men build civilizations so women can sit back and bitch
>>about it.

>... Then the men fight about it and blow eachother up. 

    Correct, Boys and their Toys.

    The question is WHY.

    Adore says the answer is because mortal women, being
jealous of men, hate their sons and try to make them other
than what a man should be.  The man, also mortal, becomes
victim to this, and desires to kill his mother but can not.

    So he kills her indirectly via killing civilization.

    There is no implication that all men are in this boat, but
it is firmly stated that if you want to fix atomic war and man's
generally destructive nature towards each other, you must audit
the woman's relationship to her son, in particular for those men
who became totally suppressive and who benefit most from the
destruction of civilization.

     "Every monster is some mother's son.

     Any mother can turn her son into a monster.

     Men are monsters.

     How do women do it?

     I mean to have something come out of your cunt and not know if it
is going to rape, kill or suck blood, must be really something else."

     From Adore.