The idea that parental abuse has nothing to do with the way a child
turns out is of course absurd.

     We may say that child hood mistreatment doesn't legally or morally
'excuse' later adult behavior, as the decision to become criminal or
insane rests with the person, but if we want to DO something about it,
we might consider taking a look at the parents and the abuse they are
heaping upon the child, at the 'bitch that bore him' so to speak.

     Once someone elects themselves to be an effect, they can be
effected!  Clearly anyone born of women has elected themselves to be an
effect, of the baby body, of the upbringing etc, and so will follow the
path of one who considers himself an effect.

     Yes the child is responsible for its condition, it chose to be an
effect along with everyone else in the human race.  And in doing so we
all agreed to treat each other decently because we were all

     So the child is not an innocent victim because he chose to walk
into that gallery of abuse, but the parents violated the agreements of
decency so they are in fact guilty per agreement.

     All Adore is saying is that the first guilty crime of any import
against a *MORTAL* male is the effort of the *MORTAL* mother to stop
herself and him from developeing their male phase attributes and
refusing to operate in the male those attributes to the benefit of her
own needs as a woman.  She denies her need of the man, and denies his
ability to fullfill those needs.


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