Phil Scott ( wrote:
>2.  Then speculate where you might be in those areas now if you had
>been raised in a comfortable, respectful, clean and caring home as a
>child.    (and not had to endure the experience of your real life

     A home is but a small termites nest in the scheme of things,
one's 'home' is the civilization one lives in, the planet one lives
on, the thermonuclear explosion one lives around, the galaxy one is
exiled to, and the universe that imprisons one forever for free.
     My mother was a product of shock.  She was hysterical from
overwhelm, looked in the eye of the dragon once too often and didn't

>Then consider if your  real life mother, and that  nasty situation in
>general,  has had a net and overwhelming benefical effect on your
>spirital development or a net destructive on your spiritual

     I do not know what had the most destructive influence on my
spiritual *LIFE*, mostly my mortality and not knowing The Proof until
I was 21.  By that time it was too late, I was dead and still am.
Could have been born dead for all I know.
     The most beneficial influence on my spiritual life has been
The Proof, pot acid and music.
     I don't see the world as 'development', except in the sense that
Leonard Cohen put it, 'When Jesus knew for certain only drowning men
could see him, he said all men shall be sailors then until the sea
shall free them.'

     That's me.  Hit bottom, and THAT turned me around.

>Then tell me about good and evil.

     Not sure about your point, except perhaps you are trying to say
that evil is good in that it helps good recover their creator status.


     What I see is that the universe is an alloy of truth and lies,
too much truth is a problem, as it prevents the being from staying in,
too much untruth is a problem, as it prevents him from getting out,
the being seeks an optimum mixture in order to enjoy the game, perhaps
even the game of 'learning lessons'.  The static has no need of
lessons, it inherently knows all it needs to know, and the static
retains no learning it gleaned while playing its own game, once it
returns to static.

     All I know is that preaching that the Creator is good and all
evil comes from the Creature which is not the responsibility of the
Creator is *FUCKING NUTS* from here to Eternity.  It might even be THE
lie that sends the whole universe of Creatures spiralling into hell
forever with Carol in the lead with her bright light of darkness at
the head of the column.

     I have glimpsed upon the Creator, a number of times.  I can tell
you one thing, anyone who looks upon the face of God will NOT come
away from the experience thinking that God is GOOD.  They won't think
God is Evil either maybe, but they will understand Omni Numinous for
the first time in their lives, and they will see that supplication to
God is utterly meaningless because God creates the state they are in,
and God creates the supplication it engenders, and God creates the
response which is nothing, because only the being can create his past
present and future, AS a polyp of God, AS a creator creating himself
as a creature.

     There is no one to pray to except oneself as a Creator become
Creature and others as Creators become Creatures and whatever remains
of the Cosmic All as Creator that has not yet become Creature.

     What I have seen of the Creator is a Cosmic All that spreads its
Wings of the Dicom over all existence and flaps them to create motion
and kinetics, which includes hundreds of trillions of yap and natters
all chiming "God is Good, Evil is nothing, expediency in philosophy is
better than becoming the Creator again and packing our own wings of
the dicom away again!"

     Neither wing is subservient to the other wing, they flap together
and in synchrony, each giving the other purpose, and when one closes
up, they both close up.

     The Creator of all is the Creator of Good and Evil, it can be no
other way, and it creates these things FOR ITSELF.
     What then can be IT'S true nature?