We understand full well that what the parent does to the child does
not 'drive' the child to criminality or insanity but that the child
CHOOSES these things as a solution to what the parent is doing based on
the child's limited wisdom at the time.

    This does not excuse the child for its later criminal or
insane behavior, nor does it excuse the parent for its criminal
or insane behavior towards the child.

    Nor does it lessen the direct consequences between parental abuse and
aberrant children, and so in the presence of aberrant children it behooves
us to study the parent.

    Women will cry "But men had fathers too, why don't you
study them!"

    Adore says ignore the cry and study the woman.

    Women are the bedrock foundation of a civilization, they are the
ground upon which men and the rest are built.

    If the civilization is falling, look to the bedrock, not to the
edifices built upon it.


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