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>> >>     Adore says the answer is because mortal women, being
>> >> jealous of men,
>> >> hate their sons
>> >The question is WHY ?
>>      Adore says because the mortal woman stuck her self with the prime
>> (DED) postulate that she lived only once and never again. ...

>oh-oh yeahyeah - that makes the difference between women and men.

     Well someone had to start it.  Adore says the woman did.

     The man couldn't have, because he was top tiger at the time.

     Both became mortal, both denied God above them, but the woman
became jealous and started her life of continuous overts against her
own and other's male phase developement.

>>      It is fine to claim that the man is not an innocent victim and is
>> responsible for his own condition, but then too the woman is not an
>> innocent victim and is also fully responsible for her own condition.

>Christ Havens! What a revellation!

>then why is poor-victim-Adore so whiny and blames IT-ALL on women ?

     Adore is looking for an avenue of approach to case.

     It is fine to say 'all is Flow 0' but in practical auditing terms
one must audit the later on the chain flows 1 2 and 3, including
intents, deeds and overwhelms etc.

     Telling people 'you are responsible for your own condition'
doesn't work, try it on a woman to see, nor does running only Flow 0
on service facs.

     One generally runs flow 1 serfacs first, then once one sees what
one's parents were up to and what one reponded to, where one's
responsibility made the wrong decisions to make them wrong back, then
one can untangle it.

     Generally speaking parents made it impossible for the pc to love
and survive at the same time with the wisdom level he had at the time.

     The inception of all this is a definite 'incident' that needs to
be run out with who did what to whom.

     Yes it goes back to Flow 0, the pc chose the parents, did the
same things as a parent, and chose to be ignorant etc.  That won't run
up front.

     The fact that he entered the movie theatre and paid good money
for his tickets doesn't help him resolve what happened after he
entered the theatre.
     Once he resolves what happened in the theatre it will be an enormous
relief to find out that he entered the theatre.

     "Above the portals to this universe it says 'Do not enter under
any conditions.'

     Once you go in, they have the nerve to charge you $5 for your

     Anyone who has a seat in the theatre of life, paid good money for
his tickets." - Adore