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>I don't know if this will be good news or bad news (ha ha), but a HUGE part
>of the problem with the GPM structure of the mind is that any one GPM is
>bolstered on all sides.  Each one interlocks with the adjacent ones AND has
>ties to even distant ones.  Each "one" is fortified and charged up by the
>rest.  What I'm saying is, it's not really a problem of being stuck in any
>"one," it's a problem of having that entire GPM structure.  Now, in case
>that sounds like I'm making it worse (but NOT therapeutically, ha ha), I'm
>just saying that the basic approach is going to be the same, that is,
>destimulation and "peeling off."  It's not really a "special case" scenario,
>in other words.

     I guess the real issue here is inaccessibility.

     Some pc's are accessible and 'move on the time track' easily,
they can answer questions, get the items right, reviv stuff in full
force and generally run themselves.

     Other pc's are like solid rock, "i dont know, i dont know, i dont
know, i dont know" ad nauseum.

     I once knew a pc whose auditor told him to go away and come back
when he had some answers.

     You can't ask them when they first decided to 'i dont know'
because they answer "I don't know."

     They can't see, hear, feel, remember, know, anything, period.
     Their whatsit/itsa line is gone and generally can not be put in.
     When it does go in, the pc feels like he is going to die.

     Or go insane or *SPLAT* all over native state etc.

     Except maybe by drugs like pot/acid/speed etc that open up the
block for a while, but generally run irrelevant things that don't
improve his *STRAIGHT* case.

     Or he can run things in his dreams, lots of emotion, revivs,
other beings, masses, flows etc coming apart in all directions, and he
gets near clear in his dreams, dial wide smile on his face at the end
of it, but his waking case is still there twice as bad, hasn't moved
an inch.

     Hubbard talked about the super charged case, he analytically may
know all about Scn/Dn, and even agree whole heartedly with it, but
bringing his Ta down from 7 is just plain "impossible." If you do
manage to get it down to a slight float at 4, its back up at 7 in ten
minutes and remains there until the next session.

     After a while the guy goes into hopelessness about auditing and
just sort of endures it watching his assets melt away because he knows
he is going to die anyhow so what matter does it make if he dies poor?
     You can't run ruds on this guy, because he 'floats' at 4.0, and
he knows damn well that ain't a float like he wants, and you run
PTP's, ARC breaks and W/Hs until they 'float' and he just gets more
and more fed up with, arc broken, problem with auditing, withholding
how stupid all this is, because he KNOWS he isn't getting better.

     He may be getting 'bigger' as a being, but his case is getting
bigger faster, the forces, pains, overwhelms are 'going up the bridge
with him', or worse faster than he is!
     LRH's description of the glum guy after ser fac handling is
perfect, auditing itself becomes a glum area, "all those stupid
auditors asking me all those stupid questions"

     The super charged case is compartmented off, in a super charged
valence, probably a synthetic one, made of a ball of rock hard glass.
He has some sanity while in the glass, and even a lot of intelligence
and desire to help, but he can't view any part of why he is in the
     And its a loss to him every time someone gets better around him,
even if he helped them do it, because he knows one day, if he doesn't
catch up with them, they will leave him behind.  That just makes him
want to cry.
     You can't even catch him during moments of dramatizing because he
is dramatizing not dramatizing, so he is a clear in a sense, a clear
ball of glass, that can't be moved.
     Super enforced native state.  Probably do better to have him try
to act crazy and go unclear!
     But trying to bring this pc up to anger is like trying to enrage
a bowling ball.  Good luck.
>This is just me speaking, but I say, "Valence?   Schmaylence!"  That is,
>valences really come down to a problem in identification and fixation.  Yes,
>it's an aspect of case that needs address, but... the thetan is in there
>somewhere and might as well be addressed directly - without undue validation
>of what valences he/she might be donning at the time.

     Well the case I am talking about is easy to find his 'I', he
usually is quite self aware, but has little cognizance of what his
real self is like and he knows it, and is terrified of finding out.
     He is terrified of himself, the one that got him into this mess.
He figures if he went free, he would just do himself in again cuz' it
would take that kind of asshole to do himself in the way he is now!
     He can't find ANY responsibility for his condition and when
things start to open up for him, he just gets hit down the tone scale
by incredibilities, infinities, philosophical veritigo of unimaginable
depth, and personal overwhelm.  If you ask them what the consequences
of 'getting better" would be, he will tell you it would be
disasterous, better to not know than to know how he got into this

     This is in part because any effort he makes to mock up how he got
INTO the condition is actually wrong and leads to an infinite ARC

     He is so far off the real answer that the possibility of humor
just doesn't seem likely.

     Thus he is doomed no matter whether he gets better of not.

     He sees he is in jail, a miserable jail, but the world outside
the jail must be worse because it led him into getting put in jail!

     So what came before jail has to be hell itself.

     "Anything that leads to bad, must be worse."

     Put that in your R3SC and smoke it.

>Now, maybe this is an OT drill, maybe it isn't, it's a fifties' approach,
>but as far as handling the fixation aspect, I'd just say, "Be a valence."
>Be another valence.  Be a body.  Be another body." so on and so forth.

     This is all very cute, but indicates that the severity of this
particular pc's condition escapes you, which is fine, means you never
been there your self, for which you should thank your lucky stars :)



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