Rogers ( wrote:
>Looking back, I'm still not sure I have ALL the facets that contributed to
>that poor result, but I think the main one was that the correction list was
>being used as a substitute for the auditor!  I mean, the auditor was using
>it as a substitute for ARC or basic auditing skill or something.

     Or something.


     Sometimes I feel that if I had to do it all over again, I would
want a LOT of up front indoctrination in what I already know, so I
have some clue as what I am trying to handle.

     Hubbard wasted so many pages saying absolutely nothing of worth,
compared to my present reality on who and what I am and where I came
from and where I/we/Us are going.
     Oh I suppose he said it all somewhere, but boy was it filtered
through a dry and boring filter.
     Lack of a clear understanding of an ideal scene, the being is
very hard to audit, too introverted into trying to become better like
mama wanted him to be.  Ask him what he really wants, and he doesn't
actually know any more.

     So how can you ask him what the problems are when the goals and
ideals are gone to him?

     A little good indocrination goes a long ways to make a pc