>But why did spiritual beings create the physical universe in the 
>first place? What was their motivation?

     To Manifest the UnManifest.

     To manifest eternal havingness via the *MECHANISM* of temporal

     Manifestation comes and goes like the waves on the sand.

     Potential -> Kinetic -> Potential

     More specifically it is the desire of absolute peace to engage in
humor which is the transition between Eternal Havingness and Temporal
Loss and back again.

     It is the Imp Soul engaging in exquisitely brilliant Astounding
Imperial Stupidity for the sake of its audience, namely itself and

     Loss is a kind of havingness: from the world of Dura, where we have
everything eternally, we *DESIGN* the world of Sabe, where we suffer

     Trying to 'have' in the world of Sabe is a joke, humor results from
realizing how the loss IS havingness via the mechanism of loss, and one
then enters the world of Dura again passing from sorrow, through humor
to absolute peace again.


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