I once did some programming work for a sweet little Christian thing
named E.G. in the Cornell department of economics.

    He was a nice guy as Christians tend to be, and his office was filled
with cute framed placards with sweetness and light Christian sayings on

    One day we got into a discussion about God and good and bad people
and what happens to bad people after they die etc.

    He said "Can you imagine what it would be like to have to live with
bad people forever and ever?  Aren't you glad there is somewhere to go
after you die, where you can live and never have to be with bad people

    He was talking about Heaven of course, and he said it with such
certainty it was clear he was absolutely fed up with bad people and
couldn't wait to get to a place where there were no more bad people

    So how many bad people are there in the world that won't be in E.G's

    This God unit, named E.G., just washed his hands of responsibility for
all of them, his fellow God units.

    Do you see the sin in this?

    If there are no bad people in Heaven, then you had better be prepared
to storm the gates of Hell and let them in for they are your brothers and
sisters, they are your family, they are part of your High-Us.

    Without them YOU are not whole.

    "This dream ends forever when the circle of friends are ALL
holding hands again." - Adore


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