The I-AM as Creature usually fights the good fight, Maybe he first 
takes the side of the bad guy against the good guy or maybe the otherway 
around, which ever sides balances the game.  If he loses, he takes the 
opposite side.  As he continues to lose in each role of good or bad, he 
continues to flip flop back and forth until he is a marble rolling around 
the drain to hell.

      This dwindling spiral is powered by love and high regret on
both sides of the fence.

      The good feel guilty for doing bad to bad guys, and the
bad feel guilty for doing good to good guys.

      It happens.

      Eventually he becomes a bug eating off the crud stuck to the
sides of the pipe that leads from the drain on down.  That's where
this universe is, stuck in muck on the side of the pipe.  The colony
of human bug infestation is called civilization.

      The I-AM as Creator takes the side of whoever is losing, the
Creator is more interested in continuing the play of the game, than in
any side winning, which is a loss for the Creator.  The Creator is
interested in having and playing GAMES, winning or losing the game
causes a loss of the game.

      The Creator is not good nor bad, the Creator is Divine, its
intent is Comedy.

      Divine Comedy is the interplay of make wrong between good guy and bad 
guy, neither taking full responsibility for putting them selves and the 
other there.

      The Creator is an Artist.

      Existence is its canvas.

      Good and Bad are its paints.

      The Creature IS the Creator in carnation.

      Thus Justice reigns at all times, as the Creator has exactly what
it created for itself to play in.


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Learning implies Learning with Certainty or Learning without Certainty.
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Learning by Being an Effect implies Learning without Certainty.
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