The game of life is dog eat dog.

     Biological life survives because it eats other biological life
that didn't survive.

     The motto of any biological animal is "if my sperm is not on your
land, I have failed."

     Now thetans can make all this wrong, they can say bodies should
behave themselves, not eat meat, not engage in wars of territoriality,
not kill the enemy's men, enslave their children and rape their wives,
be 'moral' etc.

     But this is all status quo for animals.

     So good luck.

     I think a better question is why are thetan's stuck in ANIMAL
bodys and trying to pretend they are thetans in the first place?

     You gonna make an angel out of a body?

     Is this not hypocrisy incarnate?

     Of course it is.  Anyone who thinks they can civilize a scorpion
is wasting their time.

     Fair Game takes on a new light in this understanding.

     Fair Game is what one DNA molecule does to another.

     All of life is the process of fair gaming all other life!

     Perhaps thetans should look at who they aren't fair gaming that
they should be.

     Talk about an overt against life, 'No here you take my place, its
time for me to go extinct'.


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