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>You are presenting an ego supreme view... for the ego to be supreme it must
>be blind to all else...then it *is its estimation
>have your estimation confused with facts...Hubbard had the same problem.
>It couldnt possibly have ended any worse for him.

      I am presenting the AllThatIs as a multi I-Am being, at least at
the stage immediately prior to when it separated and went incarnate.

      It couldn't conceive of separation without first conceiving of

      Thus just prior to separation, there was a moment of togetherness
with multi I's.

      The separation itself is an illusion, as the world of multi-beings
still exists, but each being is fixated on the outward nonexistent
space/time game stream of separation called Sabe, and has withdrawn from
awareness of the true inward 'space' of togetherness called Dura.

      Sabe is the world of suffering, loss and transience.

      Dura is the world of the permanent and lasting.  One creates the
world of Sabe from Dura as an artistic expression of Love.

      The individual "I" needs therefore to run out its dramatization
on Together/Separate and be able to find the inward world where we are
all still connected again, at the same time as operate in the outward
world of illusory space/time game streams.

      We are not talking about a belief system here, we are talking
about a direct vision of the inner world, and an ability to keep it
there, with one foot in the inner world and one foot in the outer
world.  Many claim to be able to do this, but most are just pushing
words and hopes.

      Now Phil baby, listen closely.

      You like Huggie have only a marginal understanding of my postings,
and you try to fit your marginal understanding into the mold of your own
Nemesis One, assigned to me as my beingness, which beingness tries to
teach the supremity of the one individual I-AM.

      What I am trying to do is get the being to an understanding and
direct vision of both worlds, the outward dream of I am alone, and the
inward truth of the High-US, to where they can operate again and not
sink into stone in the outward dream.

      Once one understands the basic dicotomies involved, *REAL* case
gain becomes possible, not the crap the Church pushed, and charged me
for.  No problem, Churchies make good Abyss filler.

      The primary dicotomies that should get anyone going on this road
in random order are,

      HUMOR    - SERIOUS
      BLESS    - DAMN
      PRIDE    - GUILT
      GLORY    - SHAME
      NEED     - NEED NOT
      ADORE   -  ABHOR

      For example:

      A person NEEDS to BE, KNOW, DO, and HAVE some things, and also
NEEDS TO NOT BE, KNOW, DO and HAVE other things.

      Feeling good comes from a balance of TO NEED and TO NEED NOT.

      To NEED NOT does not mean to NOT NEED.

      To NEED means to need the presence of something.

      To NEED NOT means to need the absence of something.

      I NEED cats, and I NEED to NOT have them run over by cars.


      "Get the idea of NEEDING     something.":
      "Get the idea of NOT NEEDING something.":
      "Get the idea of NEEDING NOT something.":
      "Get the idea of NOT NEEDING NOT something.":

      E/P Operating balance of being, knowing, doing and having.

      Those dicoms are probably common to everyone, but each person has
their own drmatizations that need to found and run out by spotting.


Wed Nov 19 14:35:05 EST 2014