((This posting confuses zero point energy within a universe,
and the state of the underlying foam that creates universes.  Some
hard ball physicists may take exception to the description laid out

     Modern day physics theorizes that existence consists of an infinite
zero dimensional background source of energy call 'zero-point' energy.
It is zero dimensional because it exists prior to space/time modules
that arise out of it.

     Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle says that uncertainty in
position and velocity of an object are indirectly proportional to each
other.  That means as the certainty in position of an object goes up,
the UNcertainty in velocity goes up also and visa versa.  Thus you can
never get both exactly correct.

     Specifically the uncertainty in position UX times uncertainty in
velocity UV must always be equal to or greater than H, which is a very
small number called Heisenberg's constant.

     Ok, so UX x UV >= H.

     As UX gets smaller, UV MUST get bigger or visa versa.

     However notice what happens if either UX or UV are zero, meaning
zero uncertainty in position or velocity.  If UX is zero is there NO
value of UV that will make UX x UV bigger than zero!

     Like wise if UV is zero, there is no value of UX that will make UX
x UV greater than zero.  Since the product MUST always be greater than
H, it is not possible for UV or UX to be zero!

     In english it is not possible to be certain of the position or
velocity of an object.

     Now notice that if the velocity of an object is *EXACTLY* V, then
UV must be zero.  So there is never any way to know if the velocity of
an object is exactly anything.


     If we knew that the velocity of an object was exactly zero, then
the uncertainty of the velocity would also be zero, and thus the
Heisenberg product would also be zero, and thus the Heisenberg
uncertainty principle violated.

     Thus there can not be an object with exactly zero velocity!

     However since energy is 1/2 Mass x Velocity, if velocity can't be
exactly zero, then energy can never be exactly zero either!

     That means at no place in existence can there be any place that has
exactly zero energy.  Thus all places in existence must have some non
zero energy level.

     'Zero-point' energy is that energy that is every where present even
around areas that have near 'zero energy'.

     Alright now modern theories claim that out of this every where
present zero-point energy, blobs of space-time spontaneously arise to
form universes.  Some of these spherical modules of space-time are very
small and only last a while, others are huge and last a long time.  Each
one arises independently of others, and has no knowledge of or
connection to the others.

     Notice that although I am calling these space/time modules
spherical, they may have more than 3 space dimensions and even more than
1 time dimension!  So we talking about hyper spheres here, spheres with
more than just 3 dimensions like your normal ball.

     Once a space-time module appears, it proceeds to go forward in its
own time and do what universes do, explode, become bigger, grow life,
whatever, then contract, and return to the zero-point energy again at
the end of their life.

     Now although the meatballs think these space-time modules are made
of matter, energy space and time, and only later does consciousness
arise out of the complexities of biological matter, in truth what arises
is a blob of Being, a multi-Being not a blob of space/time.

     We call this blob of Being a God Blob.

     It is a manifestation and independent subset of the AllThatIs.

     Its arising is its First Hello.

     A multi Being is a conscious unit that can and does replicate into
many individual I-AM's.  It has a Oneness aspect and a Many aspect.

     From a distance a multi being looks like the one great I-AM as
described in the Bible.  But from close up it appears as myriad little
individual I-AM's that can and do act separately during some part of the
evolutionary journey of the God Blob.

     Now a multi-Being can never really split up, it contains aspects of
both the One and the Many.  This may be hard to visualize and its
description probably falls short of the truth, and its description
certainly is not meant to obfuscate matters by using contradictory words
to describe the same thing.

     Its simply a hydra, a multi headed being with multiple different
I-AM's but a common 'body', mind or core.  These individual I-Am's are
all connected so they can act in unison, but they can also act
independently should they unanimously decide to do so.

     Now here is where it gets interesting.

     THe following is a model, just a poetic picture to play with in the
mind.  It is in no way meant to be a literal description of the way
things are, just a useful analogue to allow us to talk about it.

     On the INSIDE surface of this God Blob sphere are myrid little TV
screens, all facing outward, one for each of the individual I-AM's.

     Now in fact there is nothing outside the God Blob sphere, but each
I-AM can project a picture on the TV screens, and looking into them the
I-AM can see and imagine a world outside the sphere, sort of like
looking through the window port of a space ship at the 'outer universe.'

     At first the TV screens are dark, the I-AM gazes into it from
the inside, and sees only his own reflection.  But then he turns it on,
and others do the same, and pretty soon they see the outward world of
space and time where they can set up playing fields, dreams, and co
dream together.

     This way two I-AM's can, for example, play a game of base ball with
each other, even though they are both sitting on opposite sides of God
Blob looking at their own TV screens.

     The worlds created in the TV screens do not exist, they are virtual
realities projected onto the TV screens for the amusement and
edification of the individual I-AM's.

     The I-AM has to choose to sit down at one of these screens, and
turn it on, and he has to choose the game he wants to play, say 'Killer
Pit', and he has to arrange with other I-AM's to play the game with him
so he isn't 'alone' in his game.

     Not all I-AM's chose to play the same game, thus many games can be
going on simultaneously inside the God Blob.

     Once a group of I-AM's get a game going, they can get into the game
so thoroughly they forget they are sitting at a virtual reality
projection TV screen.  Suddenly the projected outside world is more real
to them than the inside world in which they actually all live and are

     At that point they have crossed over from above 'Apparencies are
Reality' to below on the tone scale.  They believe in the game more than
themselves or the God Blob that holds them.

     They no longer realize they are dreaming, they may believe all
sorts of paranormal nonsense, but its all directed to the outside world,
i.e.  causes and effects 'out there'.

     There IS no out there, there is no cause out there, all the action
they see in the TV screens is contrived by their own intelligence and
INWARD connectedness in the God Blob.

     But there is no making them wrong in this matter, they are
convinced they are not dreaming and that the outward world, the world
of 'Sabe', is actual.

     Dura is the inner world of truth and permanence.

     Once in a while a dreamer goes lucid in the dream, he realizes he
is dreaming, but can't quite remember where he came from or why.  He may
try to wake up some of the other dreamers in his game, but probably
won't succeed on many of them until they are ready for the awakening.

     Even as they awake, they still can't remember where they came from,
or how they did it, they are still stuck in the dream, but they remember
it is a dream, and they begin to figure out how to make their postulates
work again to adjust the dream inspite of their somnambulistic state.

     Eventually they begin to remember where they came from, what it was
like, and how and why they created the outward dream world, and one by
one they start to wake up back into the actual inward world of the God
Blob, the world of Dura.

     The outward world of Sabe is one of illusions, delusions, loss,
enemies, hardship and transience.

     All games are eventually lost, as Sabe treats love like the ocean
treats sand castles in the sand.


     It is the only way they could have designed it, and it is the only
way they would have designed it.

     Notice that the God Blob is finite in extent, it is *SPHERICAL*,
and it will expand and contract, and one day MUST return into the sea of
zero-point energy from which it came.  Thus ALL virtual reality
projection games must end one day, they can't go on FOREVER, no matter
how much the players believe or wish they can.

     The inward world of Dura is one of permanence, immutability, truth,
peace and happiness.  There are no enemies, because all the little
I-AM's are part of the same One I-AM.

     When the Many is aware of the One, the Many does not resent any
part of itself or its other brothers, the Many loves its brothers like
the Many loves itself and the One, and like the One loves the Many.

     "You can love one another as I have loved you, and I have loved you
as the Father as loved me." - Jesus

     But there is no Game in the world of Dura, for nothing changes,
everything quiesces on the verge of time, with hint of mirth, everything
is perfect as it is, awareness of awareness is sufficient communication.

     What meatballs think is the outwardly perceived space/time
continuum they live in, is really the projected world of Sabe on the
individual TV sets of each incarnated I-AM.  Incarnation is the process
of a Dura I-AM sticking its nose in a virtual reality TV set and
becoming a Sabe I-AM for a while.

     After many long games the God Glob sphere eventually expands and
contracts back to the zero point energy, and everyone goes back into the
Big Snooze.

     This is the Last Goodbye.

     Should another God Blob arise they will again play games, but with
a new mix of I-AM's than before.  There will be no rememberance of prior
games or God Blobs, although there will be recognition there must have

     The sorrow of not being with the same I-AM's as before is
mitigated by the joy of being with a whole new bunch.

     And besides when we sleep, we all sleep together, and the others
are always there.