If you represent all the beliefs of Christianity as a large circle
on a piece of paper, and all the beliefs of Islam, Judaism, and other
religions as other circles on the same paper, certainly those circles
will over lap where the beliefs are common to all of them.

     It is clearly hypocritical and bigoted to claim that America is a
Christian nation because it holds dear the beliefs that are common to
all the religions.  You might as well say it is an Islam nation or
Jewish nation too, since they also hold those same things dear.

     So in order to claim that America is a CHRISTIAN nation, one would
have to find those beliefs and values UNIQUE to Christianity that help
define what America is.

     For example faith in Jesus as Savior will NEVER be a defining
nature of what it means to be an American.

     Nor will faith in any God, as America is defined by freedom to
believe any religion or no religion that you wish.

     Now THAT defines America.

     So does freedom of the press, freedom to vote, freedom to
congregate, and freedom to speak, freedom of conscience etc.

     Now the article that I posted earlier indicated there were 4 types
of power, political, military, commercial and religious.

     As is evidenced by their long dissertations and endless debate on
the matter, it is clear the founding fathers were well aware of the
problems that arise when political power is owned by military,
commercial or religious power.

     They thus *INTENTIONALLY*, and at great effort and risk to
themselves, designed the constitution around protecting political power
from usurpation by military, commercial or religious interests.  Whether
they succeed or not is open to question.  :)

     The point is that America is first and foremost defined by her
Constitution, and only secondly by her people.

     Therefore by definition American can not be a Christian Nation, nor
any other kind of military, commercial or religious nation.  (The fact
that we happen to be a capitalism rather than a communism is not part of
the Constitution which would not forbid nor enforce either.)

     Now the Christians like to tell us that America was first populated
by Christians.  But this of course is not true, it was populated by
native Indian people's for thousands of years before the Christians

     Then when the first Christians did come in 1492 with Christopher
Columbus, they proceeded to enslave, torture and finally murder off the
entire Indian culture on the islands they landed on, all in the name of

      The first real influx of people after that to America as we know it
where not Christians looking to escape persecution, but opportunity
seekers, and fortune hunters looking for adventure.

      *THEN* the Pilgrims came and proceeded to murder off more Indians
with small pox in baby blankets, all in the name of Jesus.

     So perhaps the Christians think America is now a Christian nation
after they have raped and plundered it out of the hands of its original
owners, but fortunately the founding fathers, Adams, Washington,
Madison, Franklin etc, were able to design a higher ideal, namely
political power free from ownership by military, commercial or religious

     Thus the idea that America is based on any particular military,
commercial or religious ideology is absurd.

      That America has a lot of Christians and right wing capitalists
looking out for the good of the employer is of interest only in passing
note, because it also has a lot of Jews, and Muslims, and people of
every faith, including left wing socialists looking out for the good of
the employee too.

      Notice the last 50/50 election?

      If America had ONLY Christians in it, it would not be the great
country it is today, it would be a cesspool of religious bigotry and
tyranny you wouldn't want to live in.

      The Christians would run a Christian only country the same as the
Muslims would run an all Mulsim country if given half the chance.

      So when you look around you and see how America has outstripped the
other petty infighting countries of the rest of the world, notice that
the reason is because America has every *DIFFERENT* kind of person
here, working together, not to make America their kind of country but to
make America OUR country.

      THAT is what defines America.

      America is great because it ISN'T a Christian nation.

      Thank God and the founding fathers for that.

Thu Jan 29 14:37:24 EST 2015