There are only two case factors, they are

     Desire and View of the Cosmic All.

     Reality crystalizes (hardens) around the preclear (pc) to the
degree that his desire is opposed to his view of the cosmic all.

     Especially when he gets serious about it, filled with forevers and

     Accessibility is a matter of accessibility of desire and
accessibility of view of the cosmic all.

     In other words, is the preclear able and willing to find out what
he really wants, and able and willing to find out what he really
believes in, in order to reevaluate either, in order to spot false
desires, and false views, thus bringing desire and view into accord,
which is freedom.

     It is assumed here that the truth will get you what you want :)

     Desire and truth are always in accord.

     Justice is you get what you postulate.

     Justice reigns at all times.
     Accord, Co Communication and Clear Harmony - Electra

     Reality, Communication, and Affinity - LRH

     But you gotta know the truth, and you gotta know what you want!

     If the preclear is having trouble making case gain or finding items
to run, assess for 'unauditable'.

     If unauditable reads, indoctrinate as above, and then assess for

     If inaccessible reads, assess for desire or view.

     Take up reading item and find out what is going on.

     Suppressed desire will stop case progress cold, as will suppressed
views of the cosmic all.

     Suppressed, not-ised, made nothing of, full metal jacket prepcheck
plus some.


     In the science of computer graphics the smallest renderable object
is a triangle, because it is the smallest geometric figure that has some
surface to paint.

     Even a square or rectangle is made of two triangles if you draw a
line from corner to corner across the middle.

     Thus when rendering a 3D object, it is first broken down
mathematically into millions of little triangles and these are stored in
what is known as a display list.

     When the object is rotated or colored according to external
lighting, each triangle is worked on in turn and then displayed, thus
evenually rendering the whole object.

     The world is a graphic rendering in the conscious unit of one's
view of the cosmic all.

     The smallest mathematical unit of the pc's view of the cosmic all
is a postulate.  The set of all postulates that the preclear has
comprises the display list from which his existence is then rendered.

     Postulates are made first on a causal basis, then on an effect

     Cause is: "There is a red ball because I see a red ball".

     Effect is: "I see a red ball because there is a red ball."

     The first is called Looking by Knowing, the being first knows there
is a red ball there, and then falls down to looking at it.  His being
able to see it verifies that it got created exactly as he first knew it.

     ((This is the dual agency of consciousness, the agency of self
putting the ball there, and the agency of the mockup letting the self
know what was put there.))
     The second is called Knowing by Looking, the being first looks at
the red ball and then falls down to knowing about it.  This is also
called Learning by Looking, he first has no clue about the ball, so he
interacts with it, getting it to exert its cause over him, and from the
effects he registers in himself coming from the ball, he thus makes
conclusions about the nature of the ball.

     In the first case the existence of the red ball is being
determined by the pc's postulate that it is there.

     In the second case the pc's postulate that the ball is there is
determined by the fact that it is there, namely that he sees it.

     LRH would have said in the first case the existence of the ball
is 'monitored' by the pc's postulate, and in the second case, the pc's
postulate is monitored by the existence of the ball.

     The first is causal consideration, you consider there is a ball,
and so there is.

     The second is observation, you look and observe a ball is there,
so you come to consider there is a ball there.

     Notice consideration is being cause, observation is being an

     This is called the consideration - observation flip flop.

     First the preclear considers something is there and verifies his
creation by observing it.

     Then the preclear observers the thing and considers it is there because
he sees it.  He learned it was there by running into it and looking to
see what it was he ran into.  You see this?

     Consideration and observation are dicoms, dichotomies of opposite
and comparable magnitude.
     At the top observation is used to verify consideration: I wanted
to cause a ball, did I get one?

     At the bottom, consideration tries to track observation, lest one
think there is no ball when there is one!  And he is always polishing
his eye glasses to make sure!

     In the first case the preclear determines that the ball will be there
and so it is.

     In the second case the preclear determines that the ball is there
because he saw it.

     In the first case To Determine means to cause to be.

     In the second case To Determine means to learn that it is.

     Learning by Looking is always by being an effect of the learned

     In the first case the the ball is there BECAUSE the preclear postulates
it is.

     In the second case the preclear postulates the ball is there BECAUSE it

     Now every persisting postulate in the pc's display list was made
in this way.

     First the preclear makes the postulate thus creating the condition the
postulate is about, then the preclear falls down to looking at the condition

     Thus he convinces himself that all his postulates are learned and
observed, rather than caused by his consideration.

     He thinks things are considered because they are observed, when
in fact they are observed because they are considered.

     Although there are trillions of postulates in the pc's display
list, there are only a very few arch stones.  An arch stone is the
stone in the middle of an arch that holds all the other stones up.
You remove the arch stone and the whole arch comes down.

     A God Postulate is an arch stone postulate.

     There are a number of them.

     A God Postulate is that exact postulate that the being thinks is
true because he observed it to be true, when in fact it is true merely
because he considered it to be true.
     It is these arch stone postulates that you need to find in your pc,
as each one holds vast amounts of his view of the cosmic all in place
and thus the life and future which is rendered from it.

     When a preclear first finds an arch stone postulate, he will be looking
at solid rock.

     "Change this?  You gotta be kidding."

     This is because he is trying to change the postulate by adding
MORE postulate around it, thus building more arches, more solid rock
to sink himself with.  It's convulsive, he can't conceive of any other
way it could be done.

     But he has already been there, done that, bought the tomb stone.
     He thinks you want him to try again or a bit harder.

     The postulate has been a problem to him, a ruinous problem, and
he has been trying to build solutions around that problem forever.
     The solutions are the arch built around the arch stone.

     The LAST thing he is going to do, the most USELESS thing he could
possibly do, is just sit there and LOOK at the postulate and do
nothing.  Time's a passing don't you know, doom's a comin' down the
tracks at 100 mhp, and you want him to just sit there and LOOK at the

     Yes, because in doing so, in stopping the MUST DO dramatization
about the postulate, you get him to MAKE it again.  Suddenly out of
the infinite eternal stillness he contacts the original power he used
to MAKE the postulate in the first place.  He isn't looking at it and
learning about it any more, he's PUTTING IT THERE.

     The only thing that he can do with a God Postulate is change his
mind about it.  Its called a God Postulate because he CAN change his
mind about it and its the very next thing he NEEDS to change his mind
     He is no longer saying its there because it is there, its there
because he is saying it is.
     He's not the little guy looking at the arch stone so far above
him in wonder, he's the guy putting the whole Chruch there and 100
cubic miles of space around it to do it justice.

     His will go eyes wide, you will about startle him out of his
skin, and he will understand again, with a big smile of love, sorrow
and *LAUGHTER*, what has been going on for a very long time.

     Not only with himself but with everyone else also.

     Once he finds one or two of these with your help, he won't fall
for the consideration - observation flip flop any more, and he will
tend to find them on his own as life brings them to the forefront.

     He certainly won't be building any more arches that block his way
to a bright and glorious future.

     Remember to find the FOREVER in each arch stone postulate and in
the solutions he created around it to seal his fate.


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