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>Homer's problem solved,
>IMMORTALITY, you can't attain it and you can never lose it!


      However one can lose sight of one's immortality, and thus live a
mortal life on death row with resulting infinite charge on infinite loss
of infinite futures.

      Tell an immortal being whose future is endlessly beautiful that he
is going die forever shortly, and watch the sadness grow without bounds.

      It actually brings the whole universe down.

      True it is a joke the being plays on himself, but the purpose of
the joke is to get the humor of it all after a while, not to be a mortal
life after life forever and ever.  So at some point in the travesty it
comes time for the being to wake up and get the Joke again.

>To strive after immortality is one of the oldest implants.
>They MAKE you be what you already have.
>Immortality is not a damned long time as the Abos believe. It is the
>everlasting Here and Now.
>There is no other place and there is no other time.
>If you can't help being immortal why not relax and enjoy it?

      You are talking about ETERNALITY of the here and now.

      Well many beings are actually headed for a kind of Hell forever.

      They can relax all they want but are still headed for an abyss of
bugs, fire, torment and eventually cold tar, obsidian glass, crazy glue,
and concrete.

      Often they become meatballs rather than face that fate, but of
course it doesn't stop the actual descent in to hell.  Mortality is like
a short stop at an opium den on the way out the tubes.

      Eventually they get booted out their drug den to slip down to the
next opium den on the way down the drain.

      This oscillation between hell forever and death forever is the
result of an aberration arising from dramatization of forevers itself,
and it can and should be audited out.

      This is because forever of anything (in time) leads to a
hell forever of boredom, which leads to the desire for death
forever at any cost, which is just another forever, but when the
guy dies he sees is a deceit and he is back in a hell forever.

      Around and around we go.

      Being glib about these things is not good for a being.

      Having found myself about 10 opium dens down the way, and pulled
myself back from the brink, I can only say that some people need to
experience it to get real on it and stop "Oh Poshing" the condition.

      If a being is high enough to get the joke himself and can thus
appreciate the beauty of beings rolling around the drain to hell, well
then they can appreciate the scene all they want and then go their way.

      But when most people first gaze upon the oceanic flow of beings
down the river of Hell, their hearts stop for a moment and they feel the
undertow slowly taking them in the same direction.

      These people, unlike you,  might be interested in what I have to say.


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