"Why write?  To write the right why." - Adore

     I am a scientist.

     I engage in the normal process of learning, to wit:

     Observation, Description, Hypothesis, Models, predictions, and
verification or execration.

     Since I can SEE a chunk of God, namely me, I am proceeding with the
standard scientific method on what I can see.

     Conscious color forms are actual, are used as symbols for dubious
external referents, have qualities, color, dimensionality, the apparency
of out thereness, implied viewpoint (where they are being looked at
from), self luminosity, agency, perfect certainty etc, many of which do
NOT apply to the alleged referents.

     So there is a lot to know about that red ball there in my dreams.

     Now when I was a child, I asked my father "Daddy, where did I come

     He told me about the Willy and the Wendy, and although this seemed
a bit strange to me, I couldn't see anything contradicting it, so I
bought into it, hook line and sinker.  I accepted a wrong indication
from a wrong theory and became VERY much the worse off for it.

     What I see is, this world today suffers from a wrong indication of
massive magnitude.  The indication is about "What are we, where did we
come from, where are we going" etc.

     The indication has been wrong for a long time, and unfortunately
has been going down hill and getting worse, even as science has been
getting smarter and wiser.

     It went from a living God is the cause of all things, to dead MEST
is the cause of all things.  Well that helped us live better in the MEST
universe but it took the life out of living.

     The world presently consists mostly of meatballs pushing death
forever, religious fanatics pushing hell forever, and a whole mess of
new age crystal gazers saying "oh relax, peace, good will, love, take
another toke!"

     But that's not a theory you see.  The Crystal heads, like the
religious fanatics don't seem to have a mind to think with any more, but
the scientists which do are simply not awake.

     So my postings here are an effort to delineate the 'other' theory
of existence which is that APPARENCIES of matter arose out of
consciousness, rather than consciousness arose out of matter.

     Everything stated in my postings are just that, delineation of
theory, nothing more nothing less.

     Like all theories it is presented in the third person indicative

     "You are an adorable operating pride source.

     There is nothing better or higher than Pride.

     Except perhaps Omni Awesome Peace." - Adore

     That's because that is the way the theory is.

     All auditing is based on some theory of existence, discussing what
to audit or how to audit without discussing some underlying theory and
model of what you are auditing is a silly waste of time, unless the
process has been handed down to you by the Gods without understanding.

     The idea is there is anatomy and approach.  The anatomy is what is
wrong and how we got there, and approach is what to do about it to fix

     Models of anatomy are a rich source of predictions, audit this and
you will get that, kind of thing.  If the predictions prove false, then
you toss the model or improve on it.

     Now both KP and Phil are saying about the same thing, all this
scientific work that I am doing and publishing is a dangerous
hallucinatory, figure-figure, think, self aggrandizing waste of time,
more trouble that it is worth.

     KP has his one process and Phil has his also in the Black Magician
series, neither of which I found workable.  Hell Hubbard had books and
books and books of processes, none of which I found workable for me.

     But I have found workable what I am doing, so I continue to do it,
and I expect there will be others like me who also find it workable.

     Observing, describing, modeling the AllThatIs, is not an evil
occupation and it certainly is not counterproductive.  It is not useful
to say that all thoughts are wrong except this one, turn off the mind
and you will find peace.  Try it, see if its that simple.

     You can't use the mind to turn off the mind.

     On the other hand a bit of study about what the mind is about,
questions and answers, a bit of clarity on the nature of self answering
questions, wrong indications, and seeking for answers you already have
in the question itself, can go a long ways towards allowing the mind to
to go quiescent, once one sees what it is that needs to be shut up and

     Without that understanding, the mind is just a broncing bucko.

     Same is true for dramatizion of forevers, its a major subject, lots
of charge to be spotted and run out, and the body just starts to heal on
its own.  Or die on its own if you don't.

     Also true for desire and view, once one sees what one has done to
one's own desire, the consequences become obvious and you get this 'no
wonder' feeling about the condition you are in, or "well I sure deserved
what I got from that!"

     You see that's peace, even if you are still in the soup learning to
swim, or learning to not swim down.

     So for all that Phil and KP may be 'right' about things, as far as
I can tell they are still dramatizing forevers on things, making service
facs out of basic truths and generally being destructive to postings
made here without themselves actually adding much to clearing tech
itself in a way that most people can use it.

     I too may not be helping a lot of people here or in the future, but
I am laying down a record of how I helped myself or in the end failed
to.  That is science you see?

     My original stated goal was to open the channels of communication
and speak the truth as I see it, and I have been doing that and will
continue to do so.


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