The below posting is in part true, but deeper insight shows that
most problems are solutions to earlier not-ised failures.

      A being NEEDS problems to survive, failing too many problems he
will take to inventing lesser substitute problems to cover his earlier
failures, just to keep his engine running.

      Thus case problems serve a purpose.

      Spotting the PURPOSE to the problem, is much more useful than
talking about the problem endlessly, except to flesh it out.  If it stops
there the preclear will be left in an unwillingness and an
irresponsibility for PUTTING IT THERE.

      "Spot a problem."

      "Get the idea this problem serves a purpose."

     "Get the idea you are trying to solve the problem."


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> Robert D. ( wrote:
>> Whenever a person is given the chance to talk uninterrupted about a
>> situation that is troubling them, especially if they are allowed to go
>> on and on and have another person listen to them, without censoring
>> what they say, that person is going to feel better. Anyone feels
>> better about things when they can get it "off their chest". This is
>> not something "new". This is not the "tech" working. I don't know
>> why the CoS thinks it has a monopoly on just "listening" to another
>> person talk.
>     Uh, this is in fact not true as many hundreds of hours of my own
> auditing attest to.  In fact a person in a valence, can talk forever all
> about every problem the valence has and merely loose havingness until he
> has nothing left at all except a problem starved valence madder than
> hell.
>     Talk needs to be directed to in valent issues that will as-is.
> These often are highly alter-ised creations that were then subsequently
> not-ised and pushed off to the side, so if you ask the person 'What's up
> Doc?' he will *NEVER* come up with the answer, as he will always choose
> to run his havingness down rather than own up to infinite joy.
>     Thus 'listening' needs to be balanced by a surgically acute ability
> to cut short waste of time valence droning until the valence is broken
> and the being has nothing left to talk about except for the underlying
> stuff.
>     It is for this reason that not just anyone can do good auditing, it
> takes skill, experience and being able to be in valence oneself.
>      Homer
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> Learning implies Learning with Certainty or Learning without Certainty.
> Learning across a Distance implies Learning by Being an Effect.
> Learning by Being an Effect implies Learning without Certainty.
> Therefore, Learning with Certainty implies Learning, but
> not by Being an Effect, and not across a Distance.
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