Scientists have long known that the fetus, as it grows from a
single cell in the womb to birth status, seems to go through many of
its earlier stages in evolution.

     Even a human baby during early pregnancy will look very much like
a fish with a tail.  As it grows the fetus loses the attributes that
it once had but no longer needs and finally comes out a human being.

     I believe it is also well known that all human fetuses go through a
stage of appearing female before the male ones finally develop male

     It is a well known fact many babies are born in an indeterminate
state, their testicles are not fully formed, and if doctors feel the
baby won't end up a 'normal male' will surgically revert the baby back
to being a female, a terrible practice as the child usually is not told,
is brought up as a female, but may have many male attributes remaining,
hormonally, genetically and mentally.

     He's still a Y chromosome kid but with a pussy.

     Some societies accept these indeterminate bodies as a natural part
of their society, those that are fully female, mostly female, both
female and male, mostly male and fully male.  The ones that are in
between tend to work in the spiritual side of the community and are
accepted as having more contact with the Gods.

     This transition from female to male during pregnancy might indicate
that the female is evolutionarily earlier than the male of her own
species.  All chicken and egg problems aside, this might make sense in
that you gotta have a well developed female to bear the kids before you
can even have any males, let alone develop them with highly independent

     In other words the fully functioning female may be developed first,
and early males may have been merely females with balls, rather than
males as we have come to know them.

     Then later evolutionary forces start to pressure the males to
differentiate from the females to do male type jobs freeing up the
female to tend to her babies.

     If any of the above has any validity at all, one might then really
go out on a limb and speculate that the male has evolved THROUGH the
female stage into the male stage and thus is instinctively more familiar
with what it is to be female, than the female is familiar with what it
is to be male.

     Men often complain that women claim to know all about what a man
is, but then demonstrate a total lack of clue.

     Well maybe that's more true than not.


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