There are many on this list that continue to insist that God does
not design and orchestrate badness.

      Adore on the other hand says that everything is orchestrated in a
grand tapestry of good and bad.

      The villager of course wants God to save him from the volcano, but
the true God will be creating the Volcano AND villager in a complete
scene that plays out however it does.

      The villager of course won't take kindly to this, but God considers
most of his prayers to be spam anyhow.


      Because God is the Creator of EVERYTHING, 'from the Word came
everything that came.'

      God as creator creates these games for HIMSELF to play.  It
wouldn't make any sense for God to stick some lowly creature into the
path of his volcano, but stick "HIMSELF" in that path pretending to be a
lowly creature, oh now THAT'S an idea!

      Imagine how pissed off that God-become-creature is going to be at

      It is God having fun with himself at his own expense.

      So he creates this world called 'Killer Pit', fills it with
supernova, asteroids, earth quakes, plague, pestilence, famine, war,
insanity, fear and women, and then jumps in to play the game.

      Now Phil says there is no humor to war and suffering, but of course
there is no humor to any joke until you get the joke.

      The joke resides in the mechanism of how the God sticks himself in
the scene and proceeds to get eaten by everything that moves.

      If he doesn't see the mechanism, if he instead is operating the
mechanism in the direction of doing himself in without any longer
knowing it, of course he wouldn't get the joke, it will all be death and
damnation to him.

      He will resent the idea that it is a joke and will in fact try to
crucify anyone claiming it is a joke in an effort to get them to take it
back.  "Oh you think this is funny eh, we'll show you funny...!"

      So you shouldn't be talking about these things unless you yourself
are well versed in the mechanism yourself.  You don't want the whole
dream stopping their play to come wipe you out of existence, so they can
go back to their game of wiping each other out.

      Being stuck in the mechanism and being oblivious that it is a
mechanism, the best the God can do is learn the rules of play, never
forget them, evolve as things pressure him to, and probably lose in the
end anyhow.

      "Life treats love like the ocean treats sand castles in the sand."

      The God as creature tries to be good and tries to make sure a whole
litany of things must never ever happen again.

      He propitiates his God as incomprehensible because he is taught
that God is the father and he is the son, but no father in his right
mind would ever do this to his son.

      No, but God as father would do it to himself as son!

      Life is not for children, it is for adult play only, even if its
adult Gods playing at being innocent victim children.

      OK, so where is the joke that heals all the suffering and misery
and sorrow?

      The cycle of Divine Orchestration (True design) is


      The mechanism of transit from love to sorrow is the same mechanism
of transit from sorrow to laughter.

      The way in is the way out.

      Once one sees how one gets into the dream and sticks oneself there
and WHY, one can reoperate that mechanism or not at will, and stop
operating it convulsively.

      Where it does operate convulsively, one can spot it, and rather
than continuing it, making it worse, one can chill it out, thus
unsticking oneself from that particular part of the nightmare.

      Now the primary mechanism of course is the consideration -
observation flip flop we have discussed previously at length.

      As Eternal Immutable Unmovable Orientation Point the God creates a
space/time scene with lots of adversaries in it, symbols to the
orientation point.  Symbols have mass, meaning and mobility.

      The God then reverses his view, jumping into the scene, BECOMES one
of the symbols with mass, meaning and mobility, considers the space/time
scene Eternal, Immutable and Unmovable, and hence makes it his
Orientation Point, namely the AllThatIs.

      The God then takes inventory of all his adversaries, senses the
danger he is in, flinches, computes a MUST DO something about this, that
is runs, and of course they come after him and eat him for dinner.

      The dream goes solid the moment you consider the *NEED* to *DO*
anything about the dream.

      DOING is *FORCE* exercised against mass in motion to change its

      Both the mass and the force are put there by prior postulate and
consideration, which are actual cause, so of course using later force
which is only apparent cause, to DO something about things already
created by actual cause does not work, and can not work out of the gate.

      Force is action, and action is always fight.  Fight is using force
and already existing mass coralled to fight other unwanted masses
impinging with force.

      If he just held still, without flinch, his adversaries would ride
right through him.  But he would have to be the Orientation Point again,
and not a symbol in the dream scene.

      If he holds onto being the symbol to defend himself OR OTHERS in
any way, or to offend others coming at him, he will suffer the fate of
the symbol.

      The symbol doesn't HAVE to get taken down, the God can just have
everything ride through him and his symbol, as both he and them are now
not solid.  But all considerations of danger and flinch would be gone
before that.

      The joke applies to war in this way.

      War is basically the effort to make others be nothing by shooting
them with solidities.  But before a solid bullet will harm an enemy
solider, THEY have to be solid too!

      But the minute you intend that another become solid so you can harm
them with a solidity, you become solid too because you postulate we are
all bodies, and so you can be and will be harmed in return.

      Trying to make others solid while you yourself remain unsolid is
very hard, try it, see how well it works out for you.

      Justice is instant because justice reigns at all times.

      The more you try to convince another they are solid, that they must
run, must flinch, must DO something about the predicament you are trying
to put them into, the more you will fall down into that level also,
often to convince them its true for them too!

      "Yo, stupid, I am solid, what makes you think you aren't?"

      So who ends up solid now?  Not them.

      All kinds of ways to fall into this trap.

      Any joke to be found anywhere around here?

      J.O.K.E.  means Justice of Kindship Excaliper.

      Ex Caliper means Without Measure, beyond measure.

      What that means, is that the only thing that will ever make up for,
wipe away, or assuage the suffering you have seen or experienced is
getting the joke mechanism that created it all and allowed it to

      The humor of the joke will balance the sorrow of the loss.

      The two together will blow off as laughter and tears of love and

      "Halcyon is High Appreciation for Ludicrous Demise." - Adore.

      High appreciation includes willingness to have had it all happen in
the first place, it was a damn good joke after all, a blooming
masterpiece actually, and thus the whole cycle becomes WORTHWHILE, even
though it doesn't look like it while in it.

      This is the worthwhileness of unworthwhileness.

      But it has to be a SPECIAL kind of unworthwhileness to be
ultimately worthwhile, so you aren't just suffering some stupid
unworthwhileness that would never be funny no matter how much you
understood it.

      J.O.Y.  means the Joke's On You.

      The sorrow and humor HAVE to balance each other perfectly, so there
will be nothing left.

      This results in high appreciation for ludicrous demise, it will
have been worthwhile, you will be glad you did it, and be willing and
able to do it again, and you won't be carrying around with you, any
more, all these 'must not happens' or 'must not happen agains.'

      No lessons learned, no jokes will you be spared.

      Not even a memory or a warning will be left.

      Interiorization is a kind of pulling away from areas of sorrow and
jokes that are too big to feel.

      But if run completely, the incident of loss will erase to where it
never happened at all.  The universe ends this way, when the circle of
friends are all holding hands again laughing and crying their way to
absolute unimpingeable peace.

      Eternal Omni Awesome Peace.

      But long before that, once you get the joke and are free of the
mechanism operating without your consent, you are able and willing to
appreciate others still engaging in the mechanism of doom as a play put
on by them for your enjoyment.

      The beauty and warmth of their tragi-comedy production is heroic
and oceanic indeed.

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