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>Excellent response Homer, totally true to yourself.
>Even you suggest the limitations, which is the place where many explorers

      Well look, drugs are a mixed blessing, not even sure exactly what
makes something a drug or not.

      Most of them are poison's that have 'good' effects in lower
dosages, a kind of homeopathy.

      The point is that drugs are used to either go up or down.

      Someone who is too down, takes uppers, speed, acid, pot, etc to get
a release from the crushing forces of his service Fac.

      Someone who is too up, takes downers, cigarettes, valium, alcohol,
heroin etc, to chill it all out.

      With me I needed the uppers, as a mortal they woke me up to the
fact that there was something more in the world than what I had
experienced and been told.

      I had vision after vision on them, some easy to assimilate, others
so high there are no words for it.  So I at least know there is
somewhere to go, we ain't there yet.

      Eventually I broke open the piece of concrete that was killing me
using drugs, THAT almost killed me with a heart pounding incident I was
sure I wasn't going to live through.

      But you know it wasn't the drug that caused the heart pounding it
was the cog I had just prior!  Still remember it too.

      I stopped pot/cocaine at that point because I scared the hell out
of myself, and it took me a few years to find the cog that turned the
heart pounding off after running it almost completely out.  ("Who do you
still want to murder?" or "Is there a refused apology?")

      But prior to all this, I found that generally doing drugs didn't

      I was terrified of the somatics I had gotten into on acid over the
years, cramps from hell etc.  But I had had good trips in the beginning,
and I was wondering what the hell was going on.

      (You need to east during a trip but digestion stops for a while
under acid, so don't drink milk alone, take bread with it, or the gas
will kill you.)

      Acid is one of those 'drugs' that if you take too little of it can
be a bad trip, but if you take enough, the beauty starts to turn on and
everything ugly disolves in a smile of golden light.

      OK, so I decided it was time to face that fear, and I did 16 hits,
100 mics each.  Didn't even feel the last 4 hits, I had flattened out on
it.  But I lost my fear of acid, I saw what it did, that there was some
place to head towards, and I stopped doing acid soon after.

      My last trip was a normal dosage one, just out having fun in the
sunset, and the veil got real thin and I knew that if I ever tripped
again it would fall and I would be face to face with Brahma, Shiva, and
Vishnu.  The veil was so *THIN*.  I knew I wasn't ready for that, so I
stopped doing acid.

      Later I stopped the pot because of the heart pounding cog, and been
straight ever since, probably more straight than most of the hypocrites
on this newsgroup, no caffein, no tobacco, no aspirin, no alcohol, no
antihistamines, no medical drugs, no doctors, no dentists, no nothing.

      Now if you are making good case gain, certainly don't go doing
acid, cocaine, shrooms or pot, for they WILL wake up a full orchestra of
BT's, demons, deities, God Monsters/God Kings, and things no one can

      If you aren't making good case gain, however, they are always there
to try.

      Certainly anyone who is still mortal should try shrooms or acid a
few times before they die :) It may or may not help depending on how
dense they are.

      But eventually you will want to go straight, there is just too much
power in the OT accelerator star drive to be flying that starship around
while flying on drugs too.

      Drugs can produce releases but they also produce restimulation like
crazy and you better be one god damn good auditor to run it out or it
will just jam harder when you come down.

      The 'drug case' is really just that part of one's case that didn't
get run out when one did do drugs before one knew things could be run
out.  Drugs will show you things you STILL wonder if they can be run

      They exceed one's expectations and that results in a compulsive
stop, a slamming on of the brakes, which produces mass which hangs
around after you come down.

      But beyond that, drugs aren't what is dangerous, the THETAN is what
is dangerous, and throwing people in jail for pot or acid or even
cocaine is just plain criminal.


>I find your ballsy responses inspiring.


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