I did my first acid trip ca. the summer of 1970, the tab was called
'orange barrel sunshine'.  Beautiful day, sky was blue, clouds were
gorgeous, sunshine was amazing, trails and colors everywhere, raw beauty
dripping off the trees and lawns.

     I remember having the most astounding feeling of total deja vu, like
'this was home' where I had always lived in reality.

     The following was a poem I wrote at work the next day on a 1960's
teletypewriter pecking it out letter by letter.  Remember I was still a
mortal meatball, never heard of Scientology, the proof, thetans or past



Let me take you on a trip to a far away land,
Where your mind can go free, as free as it can.

Where happiness comes for a dime a pound,
And hands can feel music and eyes can see sound.

Where a flock of one bird can land down below
The trees and the bushes that do nothing but grow.

Where the mind can wander over mountains and dales
On the flattest of plains and the straightest of trails.

Where everything moves with a life of it's own,
So a rock can be company to one who is alone.

Where one can talk without saying a word,
To everyone, everything, including the birds.

Where if someone says 'Yeah, in a blue moon it might!'
That would mean about every night.

So, this land is far and a long journey there,
And you might not make it, so go well prepared.

You will be surprised and probably shocked,
For the foundations of your soul are about to be rocked.

You are going to start living, your mind is the key,
It's incredibly beautiful, come and see free.

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