"Nelson"  schrieb
> OK Homer, out with it,
> what have you done to a child?

     I as a mother have brought a male son to believe that women and
men are equals, and refused to operate in the male son what the son
had as a male that I needed as a female.

     I tought my sons that male and female are two equal halves of a
yin/yang whole, rather than two circles of 4 encompassing circles,
child, woman, man and God.

     I was absent as a mother.

     I blamed what my son came to be on what my son was, a male,
rather than taking full responsibility for his outcome.

     I did not consider myself accountable for the sins of my sons.
     I did not raise my son to take rank over me as a mother when his
time came.

     I was jealous of my son's manhood, and I knew that the closest I
would ever get to BEING a man was to HAVE a man through my son, but
this was not enough for me, so no one was going to be a man if I could
help it.

     I made nothing of what it took for men to create, build and
maintain civilization around me.

     I new nothing of how cars were designed or made, but I did know
how to drive and that was good enough for me.

     I believed that men were not needed, that a women could do
anything a man could do only better.

     I occluded in myself any knowledge I had of what men could do
that I couldn't even begin to master.
     I pretended not to realize that the reason men fight war with each other,
is because they are trying to destroy their mothers.