If one looks at the R3R command,

     "Move through to the end of the incident",

     Then there is some meaning to the datum,

     "The way out is the way through."

     One certainly doesn't want the pc to move TO the end of
the incident bypassing everything in between, so in this sense
move through means to move to the next moment of time and the next
and the next touching all of them along the way.

     On the other hand this is not the usual definition of
the word 'through', and can be misused out of context.

     Moving 'through' things is certainly not the basic way
to as-is them.

     If one has a mass for example, one as-ises it through permeation, one
goes IN to the mass, dons it, wears it, expands to its every corner and
beyond, fills it.  One doesn't drill a hole in it and go through it
leaving it behind one.

     Thus the senior datum is: the way to as-is anything is to go INTO it
fully and willingly.

     One runs out-int by running the times the being went INTO things,
that gets him out.  The way IN is the way out.

     Even in running R3R, the idea is to get the pc to ENTER
the incident.  Then when he is in the center of it, he can expand
to beginning and end and finally see his way out of it.

     Thus "the way out is the way in" is a senior datum to
'the way out is the way through.'

     Of course LRH didn't say this, so all of the above is wrong.

     Everyone chooses their own fate.


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