>An Auditor who fails to run the right item and then introduces another one
>and pushes that one instead is an IDIOT!!!

     True.  But look even in solo session I have to be VERY Careful to
not mistake a blowoff from a grind.

    TA high, I ask on meter "OK, why is TA high?"

     I assess around for a while, and suddenly this crushing force
turns on turning me green and black.  Correct indication or wrong

     Sometimes the amount of force in these things is SO BAD and the
damage SO wrecking that the only thing I can do to get out of it is to
run making the indication again, only this time with the understanding
it was a wrong indication.  You see the way in is the way out, I
replicate what I did to get into it, and that gets me out.

     But it was still a wrong indication, FURTHER running of that item
might have stuck me with a somatic turned on that would take DAYS to
subside on its own.

     Now on the other hand I start assessing around, and suddenly this
huge wave of pain/pleasure goes searing through my left side, and this
little tiny dull ache on my right side vanishes.

     Right indication or wrong indication?

     Well heart is pounding, electricity is flowing, light is turning
on and dripping out my ears, hey I was doing better before with a dull
ache in my side, right?

     No.  The dull ache was not moving and getting slowly worse over
time.  The blinding explosion of activity however is a blow off, and
if left to run will run out, leaving me feeling better all around.

    So what turns it on turns it off is definitely in my experience
a suppressive statement.

     In particular with GPM running, if the being is in the wrong side
of the item will feel different somatics than if the correct side of
the item.  If you run the wrong item because it turned on wrong item
somatics you will just grind your pc into the ground.


     So its just not true that what turns it on turns it off.

     LRH used to say that the old religions like Buddhism had a lot of
truth in them but were 'booby trapped'.

     Same with Scientology.

     This one is particularly harmful, as people make indications that
are wrong all the time, particularly about intentions.

     False attribution of intention is a high crime on this list.

     The reason is that the wrong why creates out of nowhere an
instant upset.  So the make right auditor goes, see turned on a
somatic, must be right what I said.


     And yes an upset is a somatic, its an AESP, and auditable as

     Find the indication that was made that was wrong, and indicate
that it was WRONG.