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>Homer Wilson Smith (homer@lightlink.com) wrote:
>>    Its not about THETANS, its about male-dom and girl-dom.

>Male-dom and girl-dom by themselves are just ideas and programming about
>bodies and images and personalities.  Like why bother if there's no one

     They are roles and identities in the game called biological life.

     Eat or be eaten, unless you are a plant people, in which case its
just be eaten.

>And where is freedom to just be, be comfortable together, enjoy, be
>natural, beyond the ideas and programming?

     That freedom is lost to the degree that one MUST keep a body
alive and defend its survival against the ravages of space, time and
other bodies.

     If you are so free of your body that you don't need to take care
of it any more, you can just leave it off in a forest to survive on
its own as it can, then you can be comfortable all you want.

     Otherwise you are in game of life which demands that to become
expert in your role as a biological organism.

     You don't take over and become a body, and then pretend to be a
thetan anyhow.

     The two are completely co heretical.


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