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>>     Meaning my life is like a somatic, I want to get rid of it


>What would you be willing to feel?

     Nah its an ARC break process if run alone...  Accept, Accept,
Accept, you will be assimilated!
     Needs to be balanced by "What would you be ABLE to not feel?"

     Too much willingness leads to being buttered all over 'being an
effect and that's ok my me!'

     The line between acceptance and resignation is thin.

     Resignation is acceptance under protest with no expectation of

     True acceptance is acceptance with expectation of vanishment.

     "God help me accept the things I can not change" is a trap.
     Auditing in the direction of endless willingness without regained
ability to NOT will, is also a trap.  One way many Grade I's attain
the E/P of 'ability to recognize the source of problems and make them
vanish' is to give up giving a damn so of course they have no

     At Source that actually make sense, but as a low tone mockery
they have ducked out the bottom in order to avoid running the process.

     Source certainly doesn't give a damn but its not stuck with
anything either.
     Same for the wants handled rundown, which we are discussing here.

     During auditing the being WILL adjust his consideration of what
he wants, he may decide he doesn't HAVE to handle some things, so who
cares about them!
     That's ok, but if he runs the whole rundown that way, then he has
handled his wants rather than what he wanted handled.

     Its much easier for the Church to audit in the direction of the
first than the second which is a real result.

     The Wants Handled Rundown.
     E/P: If you can't have what you want, want what you have!
     That will be $30,000 thank you.

     Most of what the church offered me was the "I don't give a damn
run down." If you point out to a graduate of this rundown that they do
still in fact give a damn, they throw you into ethics.
     I dunno, crosses of fire with people hanging on them seem to have
their place in the scheme of things.
     It sure weeds out the phonies from the reals.
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