There is a common idea that every somatic is an engram in
restimulation.  This implies that the first injury did not hurt as
there were no engrams to restimulate.

      For example if I pinch myself to a pain point, is that pain
caused by engrams in restimulation or is it brand new present time
pain from present time forces?

      Ok, so the guy has a headache.  Should we look for a time when
someone injured his head or should we look for how he is crushing the
hell out of his head in present time?

      Now admitedly he may be DRAMATIZING some incident in his decision
to crush his head in present time, but that incident may have nothing
to do with bodies or heads or headaches per se.

      It is also a common idea that every somatic or condition is fair
chosen exactly as the pc is suffering it.  This fails to discriminate
between efforts, conditions and somatics that are fair chosen exactly
as they are, and those that are incidental consequences of the first.

      For example pc as a child needs to hide something from himself
and others so he slams a piece of his brain into oblivion with effort
and engages in endless question asking in order to not remember what
he doesn't want to remember.

      That's not knowing by 'trying to know', you see?

      End result of the chronic QUESTION ASKING is an infection in his
nose that causes it to stuff up from present time injury.  He didn't
choose the nose, he chose the prior actions that resulted in the nose.

      Running 'Locate a time when you had an injury to the nose' won't

      Running 'Locate a time you engaged in question asking to obscure
something you already knew' will.

      There also seems to be a lot of confusion on the state of clear.

      At one time there was a MEST clear, theta clear, cleared theta
clear, googleplex clear etc.

      Clear used to be a simple concept.  The thetan had a postulate
that replicated everything he experienced as a 'facsimile' and these
facsimiles built up into a time track made of mental MEST.

      It had weight, color, temperature (lots of them!), you could kick
it around, give it to someone else, steal theirs, trade them for ice
cream to time track collectors and confuse the hell out of all of them
until you didn't know whose was whose.

      It was pretty obvious that if one being had a time track, then
probably most beings had time tracks except for Natural Clears, who
were mostly wide open cases posing as no time track cases.

      How do you tell the difference?  The wide open has an eidetic
memory, the clear doesn't have a memory.  You ask a clear what
happened, he will go back in time and report directly.

      So it followed that since most beings are also composite beings
all mushed together with other beings in the soup, that all these
other beings had time tracks too, and the resulting confusion lead to
things as they are on Earth at this time.

      Whatever the postulates that originally created the time track
they eventually were a solution that became a problem.  The main thing
was the being USED facsimiles in the time track to determine what to
do (dramatazing psychotic) or what to think (computing psychotic).

      Since the time track eventually became full of 'heavy facsimiles'
containing loss, pain and unconsciousnes, secondaries and engrams in
others words, the being tended to pick the winning valences of what to
do or what to think from the incidents with the most force in them,
rather than the most wisdom.

      In other words if the being gets clobbered over the head, the
winning valence was not the guy with the most wisdom in the incident,
but the guy with the biggest hammer.

      Since illogically derived, violent solutions to problems that
don't exist are the hallmark of insanity, insanity started to
propagate itself down the time track amongst all those that had time

      I mean here was this guy being a no problem to anyone, and wham
he gets hit over the head.  You can see where that might lead to next
time he gets around to USING that facsimile to determine what to do or
what to think.

      Everything might have been fine except it went one step further.

      Sometimes the 'winning valence' was actually the person himself
near death because in the incident someone comes to his rescue, the
Golden Ally.  So now he has a Villan, Victim, Hero triangle in full

      Next time he feels endangered, rather than picking the winning
valence of the Villan, with hammer in hand and proceed to beat the day
lights out of what is threatening him, he picks the loosing valence of
himself in order to attract another version of the Golden Ally to help
him survive by doing whatever Golden Ally's do best that got him out
of hot water in the original incident.

      So look at this, in original incident Villan is beating him over
head with hammer giving him a serious headache, Golden Ally walks in
and scolds the Villan who runs away, and Victim feels this endless
warm golden glow of safety at the end of the incident.

      Even though he is almost dead and probably unconscious.

      So now the person gets threatened by something and adorns himself
with this incident in his own valence hoping to attract a Golden Ally
to come save him.  Over time that may or may not work, but the result
is the poor guy now lives in his own valence and guess what, right he
has a splitting headache 24 hours a day!

      And so this facsimile is called the Service Facsimile because he
is using it to service himself.

      Sometimes the Villan (SP) and the Hero (Golden Ally) are one and
the same person.  He is then using the service Facimile to service the
villan to assuage it into becoming the golden ally.

      The problem with service facsimiles is they are pretty much a
full time proposition, once the guy puts it on, it usually stays on
from there on out, because part of the deal is the being mustn't know
he put it on, particularly if the guy remains under threats of any
kind.  And in this world of computing and dramatizing psychotics, well
you can see what might happen.

      Alright so we have the being and the being has a time track and
the time track has heavy facsimiles in them, and the being is USING
some of these full time essentially keeping his time track in
restimulation 24 hours a day.  Certainly close enough to him so he can
grab a facsimile as necessary on a moment's notice.

      You won't find this guy loaning his time track out to friends for
a saturday night's ride or leaving it behind him when he goes into
work in the morning.

      So he is holding onto this time track as hard as he can, AND he
is in the market for OTHER time tracks that perhaps have more blood
and gore and clever solutions in them to further aid his survival.  In
fact forget ethics, he will STEAL OR COPY them any chance he gets
regardless of copyright notices.

      But you see by wearing a NON SURVIVAL incident in order to
survive, well that's just what he is doing, surviving by not

      People can actually survive quite well this way, "I am broken
leave me alone!".

      But eventually they get too broken, then they are between a rock
and a hard place and they can't survive any more because they are TOO

      At that point they have a choice to make.  Die because they are
too disable, or give up the service facsimile and die because they are
too able.

      There is a third option in there somewhere, I am just sure.

      Anyhow so now you have this guy all entombed in his own time
track buried like sardines in a can amongst a whole mess of other
beings in the same condition, BT's and Clusters, and that's your
average PhD spouting truth and science in a university.

      A true Scientist of the Rock.

      Who has weekly sessions with his local Psychiatric Zombie Lord,
because he doesn't feel quite right most of the time.

      So what do we do about all this?

      We CLEAR it.

      But what is there to clear?

      Well first and foremost we need to clear the beings USE of this
time track to survive by not surviving.  That brings him to Grade IV
Service Fac Release, able to move out of fixed conditions and do new
things.  Novel things, like surviving by surviving.

      Then we want to clear the postulates that make the being consider
valuable and hold on to his own and other's time tracks so he doesn't
have all these stupid 'cookie cutter' solutions easily available to
him the next time he gets into trouble.  He's gotta solve it for real

      That's called a clear, Grade VII, no longer has his own time track
and has sold off all his other ones, probably for a profit.

      Now notice, if he isn't holding on to his own or OTHER'S time
tracks as useful packratting, then he won't be so solidly entombed in
all those other beings and THEIR time tracks now will he?  All those
other being's time tracks aren't valuable to him any more either, in
fact they are just so much stink to him.

      Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum, I smell the time track of an English man!

      So this actually puts some space between the being who now is
clear and all these others that are still lying all over him, like
dead bodies on top of a living soldier.

      This distance allows the clear to do to these other beings what
was done to him, namely one by one, get them to give up USING their
time tracks (and those of others) to survive by not surviving (Grade
IV), and then give up their own time tracks altogether and go clear
themselves.  At which point, they aren't dead soliders any more and
they get up and become useful citizens of the spiritual spacetime

      Once the being has cleared ALL of the dead soldiers lying on top
of him, he's an OT, Operating Thetan, he can operate again you see
because the dead weight is gone.

      Further most of that dead weight will probably choose to stay
around and form a formidable army of friends and spiritual team mates
waiting for orders on what to do next.

      Probably to clear the next dude.


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