RedFred ( wrote:
>   Not much of a rebuttal, Phil.  Smacks more of objectives suggested in
>your retort to Homer's post.  Not that there is anything wrong with
>that.  ;-)

     There is situation and there is approach.

     Situation is how things are, approach is what one should do about

     How to go from the Sit to the Ideal Scene.
     Scientology is both a description of situation and approach.

     Many agree on the description of situation but disagree on

     For example early approaches to handling the time track were to run
the engrams, that way they weren't there with pain and unconsciousness
to impinge on the person any more, nor where they there to be donned by
the being as valences to trap him forever more into dramatizing them.

     Later approachs concentrated more on how the being was USING the
bank in the first place, as once that ended the being could HAVE a bank
and not be the effect of it.  This was first hinted at in Advanced
Procedure and Axioms and later became the Grades.

     Other approaches seem to take apart the grand themes that the being
played while creating the bank, such as GPMS, and game spheres etc.

     Even other approaches get the being to look at his present time
operation of space/time objects and questions and answers to exteriorize
him from the whole shebang at once.

     Most people involved in one approach tend to think they are the
Only Approach and detest all other approachs as 'squirrel'.