Rogers.  D.Scn. ( wrote:

>"Homer Wilson Smith"  wrote in message
>>      Sorry no such thing.  There are games within games, we can enter
>> a new game and forget the bigger older one is still going on, but if
>> the bigger one enters and effects the one inside it, though nuggies,
>> its all fair chosen.

>Interesting conviction - "no such thing."  Based on?

     Direct Vision of the Cosmic All.

     And your opposed vision of permanent loss, based on?

     Fear?  Worry?
>Let's get back to the issue of postulates and considerations.  Reality
>check.  I say, let's play a game of chess, and you agree.  But just BEFORE
>the game is about to begin, I bludgeon you to death with a damp sanitary
>napkin whilst chanting, "The Queen is sacrosanct and mustn't be touched!"
>So, next lifetime (hee hee), I say, let's play a game of chess and beat you
>soundly because you don't move your Queen.  The treachery occurred "outside"
>the game.

     I had to agree there was a 'BEFORE' the chess and OUTSIDE the
game, and I had let you into my dream so you could bludgeon me, and I
had to forget that I had done all that so I could be surprised.  by
your actions.


     There is peace in the thought that one day all men will
attain the awakened state.

     All endings are happy endings.

     You would not, could not have chosen it any other way.
     It is payment for the long strange trip it has been.

     Responsibility is a big thing.
     Certainly bigger than our parents told us.

     Responsibility for RESPONSE ABILITY.

     Do not doubt you chose it, and then look to see for evidence.

     YOU CHOSE.  What PROOF did you leave behind you now?

     There is only One Proof.

     Learn it, love it, teach it, master it.

     All can.

     However for some people, by their own choice,

     It will be a long time between now and then.

     You can't move your house around town,

     If you have locked yourself inside it.

     In Excellsis Deo."


     The only way out from under suppressions of invention,

     is to invent suppressions of invention until you have out
invented the one you are stuck in.

    You started them starting it."


     Invent a game you could NEVER get out of."