>     Maybe Christians want people to 'turn the other cheek'
>because the Christians want to continue with their wars of conversion against 
>the others without having them complain or fight back.

     I hate Christians WAY too much :)

     For the record, ridging against others who would destroy one's
creations, is refusing to take responsibility for them being in your

     We are taught that life is precious, in particular our wives and
children and neighbors and friends are precious, so we are perhaps
willing to turn the cheek when the villans slap us, but not when he
slaps them.

     This gets us deeper into the soup, as each overt/motivator pair
continue to make things more and more solid, more and more dangerous.

     People can't conceive of wasting themselves or their friends and
truely becoming free as an OT who has nothing left to lose because he
can simply recreate it, or could care less about it.

     So we hold onto our posessions and loved one's and then DEFEND them
against those that would OFFEND against them.

     DEFEND - OFFEND makes up one of THE major dicoms that keeps
space/time going and solid.

     If you try to go OT and lose the defend/offend dramatization,
people will try to crucify you.  They don't want people hanging around
who don't care or who can be both the villan and the victim at the same
time and find it beautiful and a good story etc.

     Many people are trying to go clear and OT in order to be MORE ABLE
to defend against the offenders, but they are just tying themselves to a

     Running the DEFEND/OFFEND dichotomy goes a long ways towards
getting to OT.

     Even an OT CAN DEFEND himself, but its more on the order of
disengaging the offender from his dream rather than taking aim at
actions or identities the being is mocking up in his dream.

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