On Sat, 16 Dec 2000 18:57:03 -0700, Thetan-in-Human-form

>Hey Homer:
>FUCK YOU, big time asshole.
>It's been years... has the tech freed you yet?

      Define 'freed'.

      Where before I was inexorably moving downhill, I am now moving

      I have seen some of the end state I seek, not there yet, kind of
stuck swimming around the tar much of time.

      But I can move in the tar now, where before I couldn't.

      Unfortunately there seem to be other things swimming around in the
tar with me.

      You know I would much rather be able to make pleasure at will than
move the marble at will.

      But its hard not to live in fear, terror, worry and anxiety as long
as one is nailed in a body.

      Being able to live willingly and fearlessly is far more important
than being able to move the marble or demonstrate the inane to the

      People figure that if one could move the marble, throw a lot of
force around, then one would be 'safer' in this universe, sort of a
superman.  They seek power as a solution to fear and unwillingness.

      They believe that willingness to be here comes from power.

      Truth is power comes from willingness to be here.

      Willingness comes from wisdom and perception of beauty in things as
they are, which results from understandings.

      The end of flinch.  Now THAT's power eh?

      With that willingness comes all the power one could want, one uses
that power to breath the universe into existence as it is, with every
breath that one takes.

      Putting the mountain there is much more important than being able
to move it.

      God is much to busy putting the mountain where it is to be bothered
moving it, don't you see?

      The NEED TO CHANGE external things in order to be happy is an

      Using power to change external things in order to be happy is
putting power at the beck and call of aberration.

      Happiness must come first with understandings, then external change
will follow.

Sat Nov 14 16:52:58 EST 2015