>    From private mail:
>    You think LRH's coroner's report is accurate?

     He had a medical doctor looking over him for a long time near the
end, so I would presume he was given many such prescriptions.

     LHR taught best what he most needed to learn, and also got on the
rag about things like drugs that were not really to the point.

     Making drugs wrong, making people guilty for doing them etc,
completely invalidated the ascension experiences that came with them,
and thus ruined efforts to rehab them as they weren't worth rehabbing
anyhow.  This destroyed a lot of good people and cases in the church.

     The basic truth about drugs is they produce an *ENFORCED* release,
followed by an enforced non release (thud zone), and the being needs to
be able to operate that release/unrelease freely.

     Many drugs took people way too high for them to be able to talk
about it to the nut case normals around them.

     Basically the whole effort to create a future in order to make
oneself feel better, or to protect one's existing feel good is a major
trap.  But people aren't ready for that, they just want to be well and
happy human beings tooling along through space/time into a better and
better future....

     Finding things eternally OK as they are is a big no no in this
universe, but that's where (good) drugs take us.  When we come down we
don't fully comprehend the experience, "surely it can't be..."

     You know, "saw the light and comprehended it not".

     Basic OT VIII question was "What determines how you feel?"

     If the guy has to MOVE to feel better, he's sunk.  Might as well be
a body, have kids, create a future, and whistle past all the graveyards
while they are at it :)

     On the other hand if a being felt fine as he was, why would he ever
MOVE?  So you see being that able isn't cool in this society at this
time which is hell bent on making everyone dissatisfied with the
here/now, and getting them to MOVE to create a better future.

     If you are so high you can just sit there and feel good no matter
what is going on around you, awareness of awareness as sufficient
communication, then all kinds of people will crucify themselves to
crosses in order to convince you how bad it all is and that you
shouldn't be feeling good and you should MOVE to make things better in
the world etc.

     They are trying to bring you down to co-miseration, help and hope.
     Biggest scam there ever was, trying to get a thetan to MOVE...


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