You see the problem with people who believe you are going to hell
forever is that they won't make intimate friends with you.

      Emotionally they can't afford to.

      They will make a kind of covert friend with you, but its mostly for
the purpose of proseletyzing, to convert you, to save you.

      If they have any doubts they can convert you, they will hold you at
a safe emotional distance.  They certainly won't want you to share their
land or resources, because to them you are a sinner, and you will only
use it in sinful ways until you are converted.

      If they allow their resources to be wasted by a sinner, that itself
is a sin, and God will hold that against THEM, so you see they have
little choice.

      If you take a look at how much hostility and protected distance
exists between people on the political left and right, you can imagine
how much exists between people on two different sides of a bigoted
religion that believes the other side is going to hell forever.

      Now truth is we all go to hell for a while, hell is basically all
the suppressed things we never confronted blowing off once the body
dies.  The body acts as a drug that gives us false realities, false
feelings, false goals, and a lot of numbness.

      The body also helps in the action of suppressing feelings because
the body is its own living entity aside from the spirit (you) living in

      Everything is a lot LOUDER without a body, brighter, crystal clear,

      Once the body dies, the spirit is suddenly free, without help to
suppress, facing again the real truth of its existence, and all the
suppressed regrets, torments, malevolent intents etc come forward until
they 'burn off'.

      Hells are basically made of desires that can not be fulfilled on
Earth or afterwards due to postulates and considerations, world views

      But they do burn off eventually, and then the being enters a heaven
phase with desires that can be fulfilled, then another hell phase, then
another heaven phase.

      Neither heavens or hells are peace outside of time.  Heavens are
ideal action, and hells are very non ideal action, both towards goals of

      Basically they form concentric shells, and the being is in the
center breaking free one by one outwardly.  If one can see THROUGH the
walls of the hell he is in, he will see the next heaven out side them.
If he then looks THROUGH the walls of that heaven, he will see the next
hell out.

      As be burns through each phase they become lighter and lighter
until eventually there is just nothing left, and the being can choose
between peace and coming back into time again for a while.

      That's if he is in pretty good shape, if not, he will tend to try
to avoid his hells by coming back in sooner, leaving himself 'born in
sin' meaning carrying both hells and heavens from past existences with

      He will dream in cycles of heavens and hells, bugs and babes,
horrific longing for times of beauty, glory and pleasure forgotten in
his long ago, followed by being covered in bugs, volcanoes, tidal waves,
tornadoes, rising waters, dark waters with things biting him with 1000
teeth, unspeakable pollution, diseases, parasites, earth quakes, ghouls,
death and demise he can't escape.

      During heaven phases, people get to dream again what they desire,
start to build a world around those desires and plan for a possible
future incarnation.  Whether they will get born again on this Earth in
some linear fashion is very open to question, but there are apparently
many universes and many planets to get born on, one of which will most
closely fit the person's desire to incarnate and get on with it.

      No one is MAKING him incarnate, he *WANTS* to and nothing is
going to stop him except total failure and inability to operate.

      So no hell is forever, and no heaven is forever, but the being does
live repeatedly cyclically through many different space time game streams
all by his own choice apparently.

      Times exist only in finite whiles, separated by absolute
unimpingable eternal peace.

      Mock it up, get the idea of going to sleep with NOTHING to bother
you until you should so choose.

      So between each space time while, the being sleeps for as long
as he wants in eternity, above time.

      The I AM of the being is one of the many I AM's of God, so God is
playing the game with himself, and would never, should never, could
never, send himself to hell forever.

      However since it is God doing this trip to himself, the rules are
different than if God were doing it to a creature or a Father were doing
it to a child.  The idea that God is the Father and we are the Children
is a dangerous anthropomorphization favored by the Devil.

      Now anyone who takes something published by man as THE one and only
word of God, and believes it has never been altered by malevolent
intent, and believes his interpretation of it is the one and only
interpretation of it, is a pinheaded fool with a very small view of the
world, and unworthy of further comment.

      Such people tend to believe the Devil tries to take people away
from God into sex, drugs and rock and roll, when in truth the Devil
tries to take people TOWARDS God in a slightly off course way such that
they miss the mark and run into a deeper hell.

      Most of what standard religion preaches is in fact the devil

      However the Bible is pretty clear on one thing.  God threatened
damnation on anyone who changed one word in the Bible, but didn't
prevent anyone from doing so, and there is one line, which is probably
the only line that made it through to present time unscathed.

      Jesus said:

      "I have loved you as the Father has loved me, and you are to love
one another as I have loved you."

      That's pretty heavy.  One would have to define love way down the
tone scale to see how God's love could send anyone to hell forever or
even allow them to send themselves there.

      Better to be stung by a swarm of bees than to suffer God's love as
some people see it.

      People see God as a God of Help and Harm, but that's not right.

      God created the game, made the rules, jumped in as its players and
various components so who or what is He going to help or harm now?

      If you see that God is incarnating as himself, each being IS an
I-AM of God incarnating, getting lost etc, then its all a big illusory
game that God is playing with Himself, and of course God loves himself,
and so of course all are saved one day.  But it takes more than one life
time for most.

      Besides who deserves to go to hell forever for the sins of one life
of 4 score and 20?

      People who believe in hell forever either feel they belong there,
or want someone else to go there.  THIS MAKES THEM GO THERE BEFORE AND

      You see a God unit gets what he thinks, things are created in the
very conception of them.  God has a thought, poof there it is.  That's
because the thought of a thing and the 'there it is' are one and the
same event.  God's imaginings become actuality because they ARE

      The entire space time universe is a co hallucination in the multi
I-AM minds of God, which God/Souls are all that are actually actual.

      Its a significant illusion that in this incarnation, with a body in
a space/time game stream, one can want something and get it later.  When
the being dies all that 'time between' vanishes, and if he's thinking
about hell forever, he's GOT hell forever, for as long as he thinks it

      Even if he's just vaguely worried about, he's got it.

      Doubt is self casting.

      So its pretty easy to define religious insanity.  Its basically a
denial of responsibility for one's own condition and that of others,
blaming others for being evil, and feeling that permanent separation or
punishment is a good thing.

      Can the right hand hit the left hand with a hammer and not feel the
pain?  Wanting another to go to hell without feeling the pain yourself
is the same thing, and quite impossible without the body numbness.  Its
even impossible with the body numbness if the being has any honesty or
self introspection left to him.

      So these guys think they will get to heaven and there will be no
muslims in heaven, no jews, no blacks, no christians, no this, no that,
everyone that is not like them will be in hell, and they won't think a
further thought about it.

      They think hell is so far away from Heaven that the screams of
those wanting to die but who can't, won't be heard.

      And who in heaven is going to remember what Earth was like, and how
many people they wanted to end up in hell that now are?

      Or remember all those they didn't want to end up in hell but did

      As long as Hell forever exists, Heaven is polluted by a heavy

      So that pretty much sums up religious insanity, believing that God
and Soul are two different entities, that Soul was CREATED by God and is
not an eternal part of God, and that some Soul's are lost forever.

      This creation part is important.  It is easy to consider that God
took some part of himself and cast it out as a whole bunch of souls.

      That too is favored by the Devil, for if you were created, you can
be destroyed.  Even if you were 'extruded' from God himself, you can
still be recalled.


      No, Souls are what is real, God is made of Souls, an infinite
number of them.  Souls are the constituent unit of God, and they are
either in the individual incarnated state, or in the more or less
undifferentiated and amassed transcarnate state 'between lives'.

      There is no God separate from Soul, and there is no Soul separate
from God.  God is made of Souls in one state or another.  There is no
part of God that is not Souls in conglomeration.  The world as we
experience it IS the existing thoughts, imaginations, postulates, and
considerations of this living God/Soul system in this corner of the
AllThatIs at this time.

      OK, so much for the indoctrination.

      Here's the application.

STEMS FROM RELIGIOUS INSANITY*, namely the belief that we are separate
beings, empowered by our desire to be separate FOREVER.

      In particular the idea that God favors some of us and not others.

      The idea is mathematically absurd, how can God favor one part of
himself over another?  The idea is *LUDICROUS*.

      The primary manifestations of this trouble is war between
religions, certainly the Christians, Muslims and the Jews, and also
anyone else that fits the shoe.

      The bigotry that exists in the Muslim world is legion, but the
bigotry that exists in America is also legion.

      In both countries such bigotry is institutionalized into the very
fabric of society and accepted as normal.

      Christmas in America for example is a shameless celebration of the
fact that everyone on Earth is going to hell forever when they die
except for the small minority that believes the party line, namely that
Jesus is Savior and died on the Cross for your Sins.  Savior from what?
- From Eternal Damnation.  He paid your ticket for you.

      (A lot of people profess to be Christians but don't buy the "Jesus
is Savior" bit, nor the hell forever bit.  They aren't under discussion
here, because they aren't bigots.)

      In countries where one religion is the only religion, people tend
to hold up their religion as a standard of behavior for their children
to prevent them from becoming criminals.  Threatening kids with hell
forever probably doesn't work, the kid doesn't believe it, the parents
don't believe it, but the kid suspects the parents believe it, and that
scares the hell into the kid.  That doubt in the child starts the self
casting process.  Doubt about hell leads to hell.

      So the religion acts as a socializing process attempting to keep
order and good behavior in society where the real targets are those
wandering into the worlds of malevolent intent, criminality etc.

      But then such a country runs into another country which has a
similar system in place, say Christianity.  Same ideas, heaven and hell,
same God, big, jealous, righteous etc, but whaddya know a different

      So all of a sudden these two religions that were designed to
separate the righteous from the criminal IN THEIR OWN SOCIETY, are now
applied cross culturally, and the whole other culture is condemned on
both sides for not following the same Name.  Yahweh for one, Allah for
the other.

      You see this is nuts, religion as it existed has just exceeded its
bounds of authority and validity (one and only God, one and only way
etc), and this then creates wars of religious insanity between nations
who weren't even aware of each other when they first designed their


      A Poem To Remember The Name by.

      There is only one error:
      The Eternal Name is the terror.
      There is only one shame:
      You are to blame.

      There is one other error:
      Eternal shame is the terror.
      There is only one blame:
      Eternal shame is the game.

      There is one more terror,
      Eternal shame is the error,
      There is only one blame,
      The Eternal Name is not shame.

      From Adore.

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