Mike Berg has been offering 'Becoming Like God' free on TV ads on
Discover channels.

     Basic overt is claimed to be 'Desire to receive for Self Alone'.

     Basic universal solvent is sharing.

     He seems to value physical immortality which set me off, and he
doesn't spend enough time about spiritual immortality free from a body,
but beyond that the book is pretty deep and gives much to audit.

     Adore by the way says the basic overt is 'Temporal Forevers' which
violate the sovereignty of the 'Temporal While'.

     One becomes selfish once one thinks there is a limited supply of
things, and that if one gives it to another, one won't have it oneself,
or the other will destroy it and waste it, letting no one have it.

     For example, many feel that if one were to give everything one had
to the poor, then everyone would be poor because the poor don't know how
to invest and reap a profit from the sun god Ra and Sun/Earth System.
     So sharing can leave the world worse off, as now there is nothing
left to produce anything to GIVE to charity.
     Berg says the proper question to ask is not how spiritual am I, but
'Am I like God yet'.  The implication is that God is all giving, all
creating, all sharing etc.  This kind of ignores the Imp in God, and
runs one into the fact that as a body in the physical universe
sacrificing the 1st dynamic for any other dynamic completely results in
no dynamics.

     One also has to ask how can sharing be so good if it merely gives
to those who desire to receive for self alone?  :) Sharing with them in
fact enhances their overt act against themselves and others.
     But clearly much case is a failure to share tears of love and
sorrow with others, laughter too etc.

     The real issue is separation, whatever enhances separation forever
is bad.  Whatever enhances togetherness forever is also bad.  Freedom to
come and go is good.  People miss this on good, the purpose of being
found is to get lost, the purpose of getting lost is to be found.

     Anyhow the book is worth reading, and the fact he is giving it away
is significant, although in the end its an effort to get you to buy
their other things, one of which is a full English translation of the

     Dunno, seems to be the basic overt has not yet been stated, nor has
the basic process to undo it.

     Togetherness and aloneness.
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>very interesting. thanks for posting the links.

>i heard kabbalah mentioned recently on TV. i swear, i think it was on
>some cheesball show like Entertainment Tonight were they where saying
>that a few big name celebs had embraced kabbalah - Madonna was one I

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