>      So saying someone has to believe in OT in order to be a
> 'Scientologist' is kind of a hidden standard, it would be sufficient
> to be interested in helping others attain what ever their potential is
> by erasing the postulates of the past, those that are erasable.

Caffy T. ( wrote:
>Are you saying that *some* postulates cannot be changed or erased?.
>If so,why?.

     I am saying that some people have that reality.  Quite a few 'good
scientologists' I know feel that some postulates should not, could not,
would not, be erased etc.  Don't want them to stop auditing just because
they are Noodles.

     I disagree of course, as all postulates are lies of limitation on
an infinite zero dimensional static, but some people have to have their
"God is good" drink every day to keep them going.

     Wouldn't want to erase goodness, or help, or caring, now would we?

     Once people understand God is not good, that God creates good and
bad in tapestries of majesty (humor, master of jest), then the hurry to
become God slows down, don't wanna become that just yet you know.

     Basically there is an impulse to come in, and an impulse to get
out.  One comes into the area where the impulse to get out is stronger,
which sticks one in of course.  You see humor.

     One gets out by duplicating coming in, that puts you out cuz you
gotta be out to come in.  One doesn't get out by being in and trying to
get out, that sticks you in like a chinese finger trap.

     Its a great big mechanical trap spelled J.E.S.T., Jokes of Eternal
Self Treason, Justice of Eternal Self Truth.
     But once one gets it, and starts to practice coming in and getting
stuck in by wanting to get out, one actually starts to get out.  Then
one gets TOO FAR OUT, and decides, nah, been there, done that, better to
be in again, and they come in 'for good' this time.  Which ain't for
good, but its for a while etc.

     They gotta scramble their view of things to stay in cuz they just
figured it all out, and if they scramble it up like they did the last
time, they already know that mess so they will figure it out too fast,
so they create some NEW scramble and add it onto the old scramble and
that makes it even harder to get out this next cycle cuz they sick of
getting out too easy you know etc.
     The WON the game of getting out, and now they are pretending they
never won it and still have to try.  Just enough of an alter-is to keep
it going for a while longer.
     ANYTHING to keep it going...
     Its not like there is anything wrong with native state, native
state is unimpingable perfect peace forever for free and beyond
thankyou, But there is no humor in native state, there is only humor on
the verge of time.
     "The halcyon winds of summer heal the cruel wounds of winter.
     Thrill is always the effort to get lost.

     Romance is always the effort to get home.
     Halcyon is bemused relief on the verge of time." - Adore.
     So people audit each other until they get up to a point where more
freedom shows its downside, namely its more fun to be stuck in tar, and
they come back in as evil incarnate or something to give all the goody
two shoes a hard time while they are trying to 'help' all the poor souls
trying to go OT.

     Nothing to keep a universe going like the search for redemption.
     You gotta think like a God thinks, 'now how the hell am I going to
keep this stuff around for while?....'
     Those that get too far out come back in again, but in a different
universe, a new beat altogether and they start it all over again.

     All of us have been out so many times we can't remember how many
times we dove back in to continue the game.  The sadness of the game
ending now was just too much to bear.  Sort of like losing a favorite
cat forever.

     You'll never see one just like this one again.
     So Greig writes his A minor concerto which starts playing just as
THE END sign starts to come up on the universe to remind everyone how
sad it all is, so they all turn around and dive back in again so they
can cuddle with each other in the cold for another million years.

     Gotta have enemies though, something to hate, or the love won't
last.  Love without hate vanishes through humor into the omni awesome
peace of infinite native state.
     Get on the meter and spot number of times been out and came back in
cuz didn't want the game to end quite yet.

     E/P, able to walk the verge, able to love and hate, laugh and cry
at will, forever for free.