Zinj (zinjifar@yahoo.com) wrote:
>'Science' generally says that if you find a strategy to be a losing 
>strategy, you should abandon it, and try something else.

     This is correct.  Science is about the virtual rules in the
virtual reality game of space time.  If you get stung by a bee, you
don't go out and get stung by another bee.

     But scientology is about how the virtual reality is projected in
the first place, how science got put there in the first place.

     If you put a body and a bee there in the virtual reality, then
the bee will sting the body.  The scientific solution to that is to
avoid bees, carry antidotes etc.

     The scientology solution to that is to withdraw the projection of
body and bee back into native state.
     Barring that ability, one should at least beable to withdraw the
projection of the mental imprint formed during the sting incident so
it doesn't impinge upon one reactively in the future.  One doesn't
want to forget about bee stings, but one doesn't want ones breathing
to lockup either every time one gets near a bees nest.
     As long as you project the dream of space time, then while in
that space time you suffer space time rules, called science.

     Scientology is about how to vanish the projection of the dream,
which one does by projecting it again and then ceasing to project
further.   This produces exteriorization from the space time universe.
     Mental imprints from the bee sting persist and affect the being
because he is not willing to put it there again, thus the picture
persists.  But mental images are not physical world (science)
entitites, they are conscious spiritual world (scientology) entities.

     One does not go out and get the body stung again to make the
mental imprint vanish, but one does mockup conscious recreations of
the event to make the mental imprint vanish so it won't auto create in
the future.  This also causes the postulates to fall out of the
incident and become null and void upon inspection.  Again postulates
may not make the bee stay or go away, but postulates made during
moments of pain make lasting changes to the conscious unit and how it
relates to the world.

     For lower level cases the purpose of auditing is to erase
scientology phenomenon, not scientific phenomenon.  Sometimes the two
are related as in psychosomatic illness.  I used to be highly hay
feverish.  Over the course of a number of sessions I saw where that
came from, the scientology mental force was removed from my face and
now I can snarf pollen like cocaine and have a good time at it.  I
hardly ever sneeze any more no matter the pollen content.  June 13th
used to be the beginning of hell of earth for me every year.

    For higher level cases the purpose of auditing is to exteriorize
completely from scientific phenomenon and space time itself.
That ends it for one, not for others.

     The mechanisms of how the dream is put into place and the
mechanisms that are put into place in the dream are 180 diametrically
opposed to each other.  This is why no one figures it out, they are
too busy acting out dream rules in the dream, rather than acting out
the actual rules that create the dream in the first place.

     Dreams are created much like the little door on your TV set.

     You push the little door once and it closes.  You push it again
and it opens.

     The scientific answer to a door that has been pushed
closed is to pull it open.

     The Scientology answer to a door that has been pushed closed,
is to push it closed again and it will open.

     That's the joke to dream time.
     You gotta start again what you want to stop.

     Body/Thetan conflicts are endlessly fruitful to audit, body runs
on must never happen again, thetan runs on create it forever for free.

     Once the thetan starts to live his own life under body rules, he
becomes a body and eventually a rock at the bottom of the ocean.

     "Source sources what source is not." -Adore.

     Sometime ask a rock at the bottom of the sea,

     "What are you trying to not have happen again?"

     Answer: I want anything but to have the game end.

     Can you see the Love in that?