One problem with the noncognitive case is he doesn't understand the
difference between 'real' and 'actual'.  He takes reality for actuality
and thus ends up in the soup.

      Reality is what seems true, actuality is what is true.

      Specifically they try to fit the ideas of Scientology into a model
of the world made of space, time, and ball bearings, where they can not
possibly fit.

      You see if consciousness is MERELY a process in the brain, then
when the brain dies, that process dies and thus so does consciousness.

      If you can at least get them to see that they may be dreaming, and
the brain exists only in reality but not in actuality, then they have a
hope of cogniting.

      People think consciousness arose out of the universe, when in fact
the universe arose out of consciousness.

      Of course some will say 'Prove it!' when you ask them to consider
the possibility that the world is a dream, but they are unable to prove
it isn't.

      By a dream we mean symbol without referent, consciousness of space
and time, with no actual space and time.

      Sometimes you dream alone, sometimes you don't.  Both are dreams.

      This is like the computer game writer who has jumped into his own
arcade game, residing below 'apparencies are actuality' at 26.0 on the
tone scale, demanding proof that its only an arcade game of his own
creation.  The objects look real while in the game, but are not actual.

      Their hysteria is their Nemesis One stirring again after how long?

      Amnesia of entrance doesn't help, but is intentional.

      Run, "Get the idea of choosing to not know a choice."

      E/P can forget choices at will :)

      Anyone with an honest intelligence will tell you they don't know if
they are dreaming or not, and may not ever be able to know.  They will
be open to cognitions.

      Those who are still "certain" of false "certainties," have squashed
symbol and referent so hard together they can't even look at their own
consciousness of a bottle without considering GLASS.

      If they try to look at their consciousness of the bottle as
consciousness, they can't see it, it tends to disappear on them, but if
they try to look at the BOTTLE, they will see their consciousness of the
bottle as long as they consider it the BOTTLE MADE OF GLASS rather than
a rendition in their consciousness made of their consciousness!

      They can grok GLASS even though it doesn't exist, and but can't
grok consciousness of glass, even though that's all that does exist.

      That's a nice trick meatballs have of making sure they haven't a
clue what you are talking about.

      Glass does not exist, never has, never will.  All things are made
of the same thing, consciousness.

      But consciousness can LOOK like its made of glass, and if you
arrange the dream time properly you can pretend all of existing physics
is true down to the last quark.

      Scientific dream tools can measure any scientific dream rule you
wish.  Science is the study of the rules operating in the virtual
realities of space and time game streams (dreams).

      They will then ask "But why?  Why bother virtualizing all this
stuff if its just a dream?  Where's the point, the meaning, the

      Ah, the intent of Gods is not that of Humans.

      Humans are the Gods that did it though, so the subject is

      Your pc had prior choice to any existing condition he finds himself

      Knowing willing choice with full awareness of the consequences in
general if not in specific.

      "Indeed, since he has existed prior to any existing situation, he
had the free choice to do something about it and thus had free choice
about any existing situation." - LRH APA pg 59.

      Every created thing persists because someone PUT IT THERE, and then
denied doing so.

      They put it there, then they put it there that they didn't put
it there, get it?

      This one idea alone is the primary non acceptance of Hubbard you
will find in anyone.

      Thus bashers will do anything to lessen Hubbard because they can't
lessen him on that one.

      Once they come up to admitting that the dream theory is more
desirable than the "you live once and die bud and that's it" theory,
then you have someone you can talk to.  Until then they are only selling

      Evidence for the physical universe (space and time) as actuality is
non existent, evidence of conscious renditions of space and time as
reality is everywhere present.


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