Rogers.  D.Scn. ( wrote:
>So, do you or can you see reality as "agreed-upon actuality?"

     Reality is the agreed upon APPARENCY (OR PRETENSE) OF ACTUALITY but
is never actuality.

     Isness is agreed upon reality, agreed upon illusions.

     As-isness is actuality, vanishing truth and what remains after the
vanishment, native state.

     Actuality is a multi faceted zero dimensional operating source.

     Reality is a VIRTUAL multi dimensional space time game stream.

     Reality is always a virtual reality.

     Actuality is what projects the reality.

     Take a look at any computer game, even a multiplayer game.  The
reality is what goes on in the game.  The actuality is the computer,
computer screen, program code, players and game writer.

     Look through a hologram.  The reality is there are 3D objects
behind the hologram.  The actuality is there is nothing there at all.
     Look at the 'out-there-ness' of the objects around you.

     Reality is they are actuality out there.

     Actuality is there is no out there for them to be out there in.

     The conscious unit which can perceive illusions of space and time
itself has no space or time.
     Reality is that the AllThatIs is multidimensional.

     Actuality is that the AllThatIs is zero dimensional, no direction
in which to have an extension.

     Reality is that the objects out there actually exist.

     Actuality is they are a projection in the holographic mind of God,
you and me.

     Reality is what seems true.

     Actuality is what is true.

     Reality is illusion.

     Delusion about illusion leads us to believe that reality is



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