When I am making good case gain my dreams cycle pretty dependably
through bugs and babes.


     1.) Lost and Lonelies, suppressive schools etc.

     2.) Rising waters

     3.) Tsumani's

     4.) Dark waters, terrible things hidden in them that bite like a
bitch.  Often flying dreams end up ditching in the dark waters...

     5.) Polluted waters and air, usually of a petroluem/tar nature

     6.) Volcano's, can't run fast enough

     7.) BT incidents

     8.) Pianos and music, whole track songs etc.

     9.) Atomic explosions or aftermath's.
     10.) Ascendant OT power dreams, unspeakable beauty and power etc.
Serious candyland.

     11.) Grippers, biters, demons all over my body Often I can grab
them off my back and toss them, but sometimes they stick to my hands
and I have to find something else they can stick to to get rid of
     12.) Bug swarms, bees, ticks, fleas, beatles, spiders, BIG
spiders,black cooties from hell, things too ugly to look upon, still
don't know what they are...
     13.) Gorgeous Babes plus all the sex I can stomach.

     Then it starts all over again.

     Cycle is about two weeks long.

     Swarms also come in people, swarms of people, so many of them I
can't breath.

     Any of the above dreams can include dream beings barassing me
which I handle with "Who are you, what are you, how many are you etc."
Or "Who am I, what am I, how many am I?" etc.  Usually puddles them,
if not I absord them into me, if not, I lose ;)

     Bug swarms are either spiders, or catepillar shaped parasites
punching holes through my skin and crawling up my viens, or snakes
doing the same, or fleas and beetles crawling under my skin.  These
usually resolve if I can just relax and not flinch, then they fall off
me.  Otherwise its hell.

     Last one I had millions of these nasty black spiders crawling out
of my dick and left side of my scrotum.  Crawling down all over my
legs etc.  Hard to confront...

     Often bug swarms come in hurricane force waves, until I am buried
upto and over my head in them.  Just have to close my eyes and let it
     No clue where the power comes from.

     My dream life is pretty spectacular.

     Each one seems to be a lesson in flinch, and then at the end of
the cycle I get the babes.

     Dreams usually result best after auditing wins the night before.
I solo almost every day.

abc@123.net wrote:
>In article <200509250137.VAA06062@adore.lightlink.com>,
> Homer Wilson Smith  wrote:

>>      Ok.  My reality is that life is everywhere, not 'thought forms',
>> life, living breathing disincarnate conscious units.
>>      My reality is the body itself is a grave yard for beings, and at
>> its center is a tar pit of dead and dying beings.
>>      Demon and deity class beings also abound, ghouls, bug swarms,
>> black clouds of incomputable can't figure out what the hell it is,
>> etc.
>>      I talk with many of these beings, and they talk back to me, in
>> dreams.
>>      Why would I doubt their existence.
>>      Homer


>Funny you mention "Bug Swarms"

>a few weeks ago I awoke with a start, and tried to brush away a bug

>and "saw" a what seemed to be a swarm of bugs but it disappeared....

>It was very real to me, and the identity of a Bug Swarm really fit....

>was a slightly spooky experience and seemed to be of a spiritual nature..

>Never had anything like that happen to me before...

>ALAN ! are these your guys!?

>Whats up...??

>(Yes Mr. Muldoon, probably hallucination)

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