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>Valid philosophical point.  I'd just mention: sure "logical behaviour" might 
>be deemed best for "survival," but just look at that for a moment. 
>"Survival?"  There's obviously been an element of illogic inserted here in 
>the first place, when an immortal being concerns himself with such a thing. 
>So any mechanisms that go on top of that aren't likely to be logical either.

     The decision of an eternal timeless being to create bodies and
survival in a space/time game stream is not illogical.  It simply is a
creative decision.

     The decision of the being to BE a body is also not illogical, it
is however a lie causing further persistence.

     The decision that the best way to survive is to succumb or become
a freeloader and a bum is illogical.  This forms a service fac.

     The decision that 'time is precious and life is a waste of time'
is also illogical, what else are you going to do with time except
>Me, I'd say the postulate, "There's a wall" creates an isness ("actuality"). 
>In the same vein, why not "All horses sleep in beds," for example?

     It creates a reality.

     No WALL is created, only a mockup of a wall.

     Walls are made of brick.

     Mockups are made of conscious picture.
     It creates an actuality of a conscious picture of wall with the
illusion that it is out there.  It isn't actually out there, there is
no actual out there for the wall to be.

     There are 4 basic illusions.

     1.) The illusion of separation and out thereness (space).  There
is no distance, that is why the thetan can be certain of his own
conscious experiences even though they look like they have space in
them, certainty across an actual distance is impossible.

     2.) The illusion of consequtive consideration (time)

     3.) The illusion of causation between mockups.  Mockups have no
cause except to be perceived.  Any cause between them is assigned by
the thetan to give the apparency of cause between them.

     4.) The illusion of many fabrics (aluminum, wood, water etc).
Everything is made of one thing, conscious picture form.

     If you wish to assert that illusion has no meaning and that
illusion is in fact actuality, you are free to do so, but it only help
keep the alter-is and persistence in your world going.

     Look its very simple, you go to a movie house and you watch a
movie.  The movie is a hand crafted computer animation of a ball
dropped on a table.  A *PICTURE* of a ball bounces off a *PICTURE* of
a table on the movie screen.  Why does the ball not go through the
table?  Certainly the picture of the table has no cause over the
picture of the ball.  Asserting otherwise would be foolish.
     Well same for dreamtime, its made of conscious pictures, 4D
space/time surround sound hologrphic projectoins in the mind of
trillions of little gods, me and the.
     When a thetan assigns away cause, he doesn't actually lose cause
or give the cause to the table, things only begin to operate AS IF
the table as cause.  Its a *VIRTUAL* reality.  Go look it up.
Word clear it until you no longer have confusions between virtual reality
and actuality.

     There are elements of the virtual reality that are actual, cause
between mockups is not one of them.

     By recognizing this, the thetan can then start to duplicate his
assignment of cause and take it back.  At which point he can start to
move otherwise solid things through each other again.
     If space does not exist, nothing could create space, as there would be no space to create
it in.

     A thetan could at best at best create pictures of space that look
like they have space but in fact don't.

     In other words the mockup of space/time doesn't itself actually
take up any space or time.

     Only INSIDE the mockup is there the APPARENCY of space/time.

     Apparencies != Actuality.

     Assertion that they do is enough alter-is to keep them going.


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